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Task Organizer

Organizing the SEO tasks and priorities of your project will no longer be a challenge. Document everything, organize it by priorities and collaborate with your team in real time in a simple, dynamic and pleasant way.
Detailed tasks

Create an SEO task
with all its details

Take your SEO management to another level with the SEOcrawl task manager. Each task has a manager, dates, tags, status, and category so you can organize and filter like a pro. In this way, later you can plan, prioritize and organize all your tasks and know exactly the status of the project at all times.

List of SEO tasks in list format

Each SEO task will be within a predefined block (pending, in progress or finished). If you prefer, you can create your own category blocks. In addition, each task has its priority, date and visible person so you can see exactly who is in charge of completing each one.
List of seo task

Kanban view for amazing organization

The set of tasks in list format is very clean and tidy. However, nothing better than the Kanban format to see exactly the status of your tasks, the progress made and what remains to be done. It is visual, attractive and, in addition, it has all the details you need.
Individual task view

Individual task view

View all details of the individual task – description, attachments, comments.
Individual task view
Subtasks view

Subtasks view

Make the subtasks of the each task if needed.
Subtasks view
team collaboration

Team collaboration

Work with your team and collaborate with each member.
team collaboration
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SEOcrawl is a tool that helps you with the automation of keyword reports and Search Console rank tracking, saving you a lot of time. With it, if you have good keyword tagging, you can easily detect changes in trends and rises and falls of traffic by keywords or URLs.
Isco Sánchez
SEO & Growth Marketing en BESOCCER

SEOcrawl helps you get the most out of your Google Search Console data: better display, higher data retention and no limit of 1000 rows. A very interesting tool if you want to delve into your data as much as possible.
Esteve Castells
Global SEO Manager (Adevinta)

SEOcrawl is an interactive dashboard with which almost anyone can take advantage of Search Console data. If you have many projects or you are looking for simplicity and speed of analysis, I recommend trying it.
Juan González Villa
Head of SEO y Founder (USEO)

SEOcrawl has seemed to me a simple and effective way to give shape and meaning to so much data that we see in Google Search Console. A twist to information to convert data into useful information.
Alberto Fernández
Ingeniero SEO CEO