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How to use SEOcrawl step by step (complete guide with videos)

How to use the SEOcrawl SEO Software step by step with videos.

Taking the first steps with a software can be a real challenge. We know 🙂 That’s why we have prepared this complete step-by-step article with videos to explain to you how to get 200% out of SEOcrawl and increase your company’s revenue. It has been a titanic effort but you deserve it. So without further ado, let’s go straight to it!

Register and add a project

Registering and adding a project is really easy and only takes a few seconds.

  • Register or log in with your email with your social network login
  • Pick one plan
  • Click on “Add project” and it will allow us to choose our Search Console properties
  • Select one or all the sites you want to add
  • Start enjoying!
Explanatory video on how to register in SEOcrawl and add our projects

Invite your team/collaborators

The team is the key to success in any project and so is being connected with our clients. That’s why we’ve created a flow to make everything super fast and efficient.

  • Add your colleagues or clients from the Dashboard or from the project page.
  • Create a group to make it easy for your team to join several projects at once.
  • Define permissions to differentiate administrators, editors and clients.
  • And finally, customize your branding to offer an immersive experience.
Video explaining step by step how to manage SEOcrawl users

SEO Dashboard and setup

The SEO Dashboard is the most important place of SEOcrawl because you have a summary of each of the features ready for you to analyze and see the insights we have prepared for you. Getting the most out of it is a matter of seconds:

  • Configure all the widgets you want depending on the project (tasks, SEO International…)
  • Create different views (by country, by theme…)
  • Prepare all the sections you want to have in the SEO report and export it in PDF or share an interactive url with your team/clients.
  • Every week and every month, you will receive the SEO report in your email with all the details and a link that will take you to the Dashboard with the data filtered and prepared for you.


BONUS: Our vision is to have one tab for Crawler, SEO Monitor, Log Analysis… all in one place!

Top Changes and Insights

Within the Dashboard, there are two sections that are especially important: “Top Changes” and “Insights”. Both sections will give us clues and important data about which sections of the website need our attention.


Rank Tracker and Tags (URLs/Keywords)

The Rank Tracker is one of the pages that will provide us with the most value due to the data it gives us (trends, filters and above all, the speed with which we can answer all our questions). To get the most out of it, follow these steps:

  • Tag all brand keywords (Brand) and non-brand keywords will be assigned automatically.
  • Tag the business keywords (core) which are the ones that we expect to bring us the most business.
  • Create the rest of the categories for the keywords and then follow the same procedure for the urls.
  • Thanks to this process, several pages with very important data will be created automatically.
    • Keywords Map
    • Urls Map
    • Top Tags
    • Top Folders

Thanks to all of them, we will be able to see all the performances well classified and organized to allow us to make better decisions.


Keyword and Url View

Viewing the data grouped together is great but the key of SEOcrawl is that it allows us to see the specific performance for a url or keyword.

  • The url view will offer us both the performance and the web health and SEO extension section to see all the data quickly.
  • And as for keywords, the view will allow us to see the evolution of monthly demand, related keywords and much more…


Annotations (official and customized)

Undoubtedly, if there is one essential feature along with the SEO Dashboard, it is SEO annotations. This is a feature that once implemented in your workflow, has an incredible impact.

To use it, we will follow 3 simple steps:

  • Go to the annotations page
  • Add the customized annotation and which urls it will affect
  • Document the changes and automatically receive the results in your email.


Task Management

An important part of making a project grow is task management. If you use an external task manager, there are no problems and you can focus on annotations. But if you want to unify the management of tasks and results, you will see that the results will not be long in coming. The steps are clear:

  • Create the tasks and prioritize them according to their importance
  • Document them and assign them to the team.
  • Collaborate with your colleagues in real time by adding comments, reactions…
  • Complete the tasks and add annotations to measure their impact.


SEO Monitor

It will be useless to make all the improvements if they disappear from one day to the next. To prevent this from happening, we will configure the SEO monitor:

  • We add the urls we want to monitor.
  • We define the parameters we want to follow and the frequency with which we want to receive notifications.
  • No regrets, no traffic loss!



(We will soon add all the most FAQs to help you as much as we can).

Do you have questions, suggestions or is there something you would like to improve? It will be a pleasure to talk to you and make SEOcrawl better every day!

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About the author

Picture of David Kaufmann
David Kaufmann
I was first introduced to SEO in 2011 and since then it has been a huge part of my life as it is something I am completely passionate about. It's my pleasure to be the CEO of SEOcrawl, an innovative all-in-one SEO software that is changing the way businesses manage their SEO strategies.

3 thoughts on “How to use SEOcrawl step by step (complete guide with videos)”

  1. So far, I love everything in SEOCrawl!
    I read that you can add your own keywords to the rank tracker but I can’t find where to do that. I have the Enterprise version.

    • Jeff, right now, we track automatically 100% of the keywords. What you can do is create smart views with your own “favorite” keywords. If you have any doubt, feel free to tell please and we will be there to help. Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi.
    I tried to use this tool but never got further than add a project but for this you need ( i guess) to open a new e mail address and then no advise how i actually continue after that. Can t add anything and those videos are in foreign language plus when it actually comes to add it does not show. What means add? A web site url or?

    Ples help.


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