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September 2022 – Product Report

September 2022 SEO Report

Did anyone think “going back to school” was going to be a smooth ride? Of course it wasn’t. September has been one of the busiest months on a development level and new products. We must admit that this makes us really happy, though. So without further ado, let’s take a look at it!

New SEO extension for Google Chrome

This is surely one of the news we are most excited to share. We have been working very hard in the last months and we can finally announce the release of our SEO extension for Chrome. Tired of using 20 different extensions? SEOcrawl extension is the solution!

  • SEO title and meta-description
  • Headings
  • Internal and external linking
  • International SEO (hreflang)
  • Social
  • Indexing API
  • Keywords
  • SEO Health
  • and much, much more!
SEO Extension
The SEO extension will allow you to have a detailed SEO overview of all the pages you need

SEO reports (PDF and HTML)

Another constant request that many users have been asking us for is the possibility to customize and automate SEO reports. In a few days this will be possible. From the SEO Dashboard, the place where you have all the data, you will be able to export your customized SEO report:

  • in PDF
  • in HTML (with a URL that can be shared).

This way, instead of spending 3 hours on an SEO report, you will only need a few seconds. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Feel free to try it out and send us your feedback.

Export SEO Report
With just one click, you can export your customized SEO report

Advanced Filters for Top Changes and Opportunities

The top changes page is surely one of the most valuable as it provides you with detailed information about the keywords and urls that grow or fall in disuse the most. But, what happens if we see data that is not relevant and we want to exclude it? Now that will be possible thanks to the new filter system.

advanced SEO Filters
According to this image, we might think that our traffic is growing a lot throughout the web. However, if we use the advanced filter and exclude the traffic going to the “sitemap” article, we will see the following:
seo filters
There is really only one keyword that is improving traffic that does not correspond to the sitemap.

The same will happen in the top opportunities page and very soon in every section of SEOcrawl.

Description in Annotations

Often, the title was not enough to describe the improvement we had made in annotations. That’s why now you will be able to provide both a title and a description and this will be visible at all times, both on the edit page and on the results page.

description in seo annotation
New “description” field in the annotation system
seo results view
The description field will also be available in the results view.

Auto-Activate Free Trial

It is very hard to buy a product without having a clear and informed opinion about it. Therefore, as we want you to be 100% convinced that SEOcrawl will be useful for you, we have enabled a FULL free trial without credit card on any of the onboarding plans. This way, you will be able to experience the tool in depth and then decide if we deserve your trust.

Tooltips for Keywords and URLs

In several reports, there are occasions where the keywords are too long and were not displayed correctly. This will no longer be a problem since by hovering over them with the cursor, you will be able to see the complete keyword thanks to the “tooltip”.

seo tooltip
Thanks to the tooltips, all keyword information will now be much clearer.

Digits in Annotation Reports

Until now, in the automatic emails with the results of the annotations we did not show enough digits (2k or 3k). This resulted in large variations and made it difficult to see them. For example, a variation from 2,100 to 2,900 was represented as 2k->2k when in fact this was not true. Now, as we can see the full data, this will no longer happen.

improved seo results
Example of the results of annotations with more digits

Loading Circles for Unfinished Data

Speaking of annotations, until now we had a small problem with the data. If we had added an annotation 7 days ago, the 30 day and 60 day columns would appear negative as if there was a loss when in fact there was not. We were simply comparing 7 days to 60 days. To avoid this confusion, we have added loading circles that represent that the data is not yet ready so everything is more accurate.

seo results not ready
For any annotation that does not have SEO results, the loading circles will be visible.

Video Presentation in English

As you know, SEOcrawl has a clear global focus. That’s why we have uploaded a step-by-step tutorial on how to use SEOcrawl in English.

Task Deletion Validation

Working on an important task when all of a sudden you click out of the box? To prevent any data from being lost, we have added several security validations that will always ask you if you want to download the changes to prevent you from losing any important work.

remove task validation
Thanks to this message you will avoid any possible mishap.


Would you rather view all the September news on video? Your wish is our command.

SEOcrawl Growth

To top it off, we would like to share some great news with you. More than 3,000 professionals, agencies and companies trust us already. We want to tell you that we will continue working hard to offer you an EXCELLENT service and keep improving day by day.

A big thank you from the entire team!

Get 14 days of Enterprise account for Free. Book a DEMO!

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