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SEOcrawl will be the main sponsor of Digital 1to1 SPRING at PortAventura

SEOcrawl will be the main sponsor of Digital 1to1 SPRING at PortAventura

At SEOcrawl, we love participating in professional events because we believe it’s one of the best ways to make ourselves known and generate synergies and collaborations with the best projects in all sectors. Last year, we attended Digital 1to1 in Tarragona, and we liked it so much that this year we’re taking a step further and will be its main sponsor.

SEOcrawl is the leading Digital Solution of Digital 1to1 SPRING 2024

Digital 1 to 1 SPRING

Digital 1to1 SPRING is an exclusive networking event where more than 250 professionals from all verticals of the retail and digital commerce industry come together with one thing in common: they seek to create professional relationships with new partners, associates, or suppliers at the highest level.

With a dynamic speed dating format, over two days of congress, more than 1000 pre-scheduled meetings take place among participants, in addition to networking breakfasts and after-work events, gala dinners, and fun activities. This allows participants to get to know each other in a more relaxed environment and form professional relationships through the human connections that occur during the two days of work.

Digital 1to1 Meeting
Networking is easier in a relaxed atmosphere

How does Digital 1to1 achieve its success? Thanks to 3 characteristics:

  • All attendees are analyzed with a smart matchmaking tool, which pairs them according to their interests and challenges.
  • Next, the 1to1 meeting agenda is generated so that attendees don’t have to waste a single minute of their time thinking about whom to approach.
  • It’s an exclusive experience, both because of the quality of the attendees and also the rest of the events that make it up.

In this edition, which will take place on March 6 and 7 at FerrariLand, within PortAventura, Tarragona, more than 250 professionals have confirmed their attendance, of which 50% are C-Levels of large companies and retailers, 40% are experts in digital solutions, and 10% are innovative startups.

Group photo of attendees from the previous edition of Digital 1to1
Group photo of attendees from the previous edition of Digital 1to1

Saba, Groupauto International, Pierre Fabre, Schneider Electric, Decathlon, K-Tuin, Kern Pharma, Philip Morris International, Noria La Gestión del Servicio, Lacasa, Unilever, Alibaba.com, and many more will be present in this edition.

SEOcrawl at Digital 1to1

SEOcrawl already had the pleasure of participating in the previous edition of Digital 1to1, where we not only enjoyed networking and meeting great professionals but also had the opportunity to present one of our success stories, about Chess.com. This year, we are bringing back this updated success case with much more data and the implementation of Artificial Intelligence.

David Kauffman presenting a case study at Digital 1to1
We love to explain our success stories and how we’ve achieved them.

We liked the event so much that this year we are back, but this time… we’re the main sponsor! This means that, in addition to giving our all to offer you the best of ourselves, both in presentations and meetings, we’ll bring lots of surprises and gifts that we hope you’ll love.

Photocall Digital 1to1
Our CEO, David Kaufmann, and our CPO, Jesús Páez, at the previous edition of Digital 1to1

Are you participating in this edition of Digital 1to1 SPRING? We’re waiting for you, and it will be a great pleasure to meet you.

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