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Take part in the SEOcrawl Contest and win 2.000€

SEO Game

IMPORTANT: At the request of many SEO professionals, we have extended the deadline to send the review until October 30 and the announcement of the winner to October 31. Thank you all very much and good luck!

Can you imagine being able to win € 2,000 for an article? That is precisely the challenge that we prepare for you from SEOcrawl!

Yes, yes, we are not joking! As you know, we have been working on SEOcrawl for more than a year. We have put all our effort and love to create one of the most powerful SEO software on the market and -now that its first version is ready- we want to celebrate it with you!

Take part in our contest!

You can earn 2,000 euros simply for giving us feedback! But not € 2,000 in tools, links, or discounts … € 2,000 in cash!

SEOcrawl Contest
Inside view of the SEOcrawl flyer-contest

We are so proud of our software that we want everyone to know about it and have a chance to try it and win a prize too. Do you want to participate? Follow the next steps:

  1. Sign up for the tool completely FREE.
  2. Enjoy all its functions without limit for 7 days: add your projects, configure filters, tag your keywords and URLs and enjoy the magic of data.
  3. Create the best review: what we truly want is that SEO professionals, agencies, companies with in-house SEO teams, and anyone related to the SEO world can test the tool and give us their most honest and constructive feedback in a creative way. Be it an article, a video, a Twitter thread, a Linkedin post… We are looking for the most creative review that really shows us you have tried, understood, and reviewed the tool.
  4. Send us your review to info@seocrawl.com, please. All the reviews will be published in the following monitoring document. In addition, you can take the opportunity to see how many people have already participated in the contest with their reviews. We are completely transparent!
seo contest rules
Detail of the rules of the SEO contest/game that we are organizing

SEOcrawl Contest Terms and Conditions

  • You can send your review from today until next October 31st. Our team will evaluate them between the 25th and the 30th of the same month and we will announce the winning review on October 31st.
  • Choose the format you prefer: a classic article, a video, a thread on Twitter … You are the boss!
  • Your comment does not need to include a link to our website. This IS NOT A LINK BUILDING CAMPAIGN, all we want is for you to try our software and be head over heels for its virtues. Seriously, no review will be more valued for including a backlink. If you want to put it, great … If not, too!
  • The contest will be carried out among all users -from any country in the world and any language- who register in the tool for free and send us a review of it before October 31st, 2021.

From among all the participants, we will choose just one winner, who will win the prize and our infinite gratitude for their collaboration (well, the last one will be for all of you who participate).

How will we rate the reviews?

As the old saying goes, we are not looking for quantity, but quality. A 5,000-word comment will not be more than a 1-minute video if the video is better explained and argued. This is what we are looking for in the reviews:

  • Real cases
  • Process improvement plans
  • Constructive criticism
  • Originality
  • Creativity
  • Focus

In short, be yourself and tell us what you think about our project and why with your own language. You can win 2,000 euros!

Introducing SEOcrawl at Brighton SEO

We love our software and want to make it known big time. For this reason, and at the same time to the contest, we will be present at this edition of Brighton SEO (United Kingdom) (September 9 and 10) as sponsors, so the more than 4,000 attendees of the event have the golden opportunity to meet us and test the advantages of SEOcrawl first hand.

SEOcrawl will be one of the sponsors of the Brighton SEO conference in the UK.

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David Kaufmann
David Kaufmann
I was first introduced to SEO in 2011 and since then it has been a huge part of my life as it is something I am completely passionate about. It's my pleasure to be the CEO of SEOcrawl, an innovative all-in-one SEO software that is changing the way businesses manage their SEO strategies.

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