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How To Calculate Your Domain’s SEO Visibility Score

SEO Visibility

The concept of SEO visibility is almost always attributed to a core Google algorithm update. Social networks often descend into chaos almost completely out of the blue as SEO experts scramble to share visibility improvements and losses.

But the question is, do we have a clear understanding of how the visibility index works and how it can be used to measure performance?

In this article, we will show you how to analyze your project’s SEO visibility and how to understand the changes in order to take specific actions that will bring about big benefits.

What is SEO visibility?

SEO visibility could be defined as the degree of impact that your brand is having on the search results for the keywords you want. That is to say, for the keywords that your project has and how visible you are to the user.

How is SEO visibility measured?

There are many ways to measure SEO visibility and each expert will have their own way, but we wanted to go a step further and make our own calculation taking into account two main parameters:

  • Impressions: total number of impressions
  • Queries: unique number of keywords ranked in Google with at least one impression
SEO Visibility Score
Example of SEO visibility index for SEOcrawl

How to understand and use the Visibility Index

The relationship we establish in this graph is:


That is, the total number of impressions between the total number (unique) of keywords with at least one impression. In this way, we can see if the project is getting better and better visibility compared to the number of positioned keywords.

However, this is only the beginning. As you may have seen in the image, you can see each and every update that Google has made to its algorithm so that you can measure the direct impact they have had on your results.

In this case, between May and July, there were several of them:

  • June 2021 Core Update
  • July 2021 Core Update
  • Google Search Link Spam Update

However, this is just the beginning.

With the more advanced filters, we can measure SEO visibility by:

  • country
  • device
  • tag or cluster
  • and even by keyword or set of keywords containing an expression
Example of filters with “United States” selected as “country”.

SEO Case Studies

The number of practical applications you can perform with this index and filters are endless.

  • Check the visibility of a particular country in an international store
  • View the performance of a web category in the gaming sector
  • See the visibility of a news/articles section in a media outlet
  • View the global interest of a specific tab in an ecommerce site

In addition, the idea is not only to be able to see everything in a filtered way, but also to be able to see the distribution of the position of the keywords to see where visibility is really being gained:

Keyword position distribution graphs in 3 categories (top-3, 4-10 and +10)

We look at the graphs, suddenly we see an improvement or a drop and then what? We really want to see which keywords have been affected by those movements in order to understand them. This is where the results table comes in, which gives us all the information in detail:

  • Keywords that are in the top-3
  • Keywords that are in 4-10th position
  • Keywords that are out of the top-10
  • Keywords that have improved their position
  • Keywords that have lost positions
  • New keywords with impressions
  • Keywords that have disappeared

In this way, we will have all the information in a 100% transparent way:

Keywords found in the group (4th-10th position) with their trends and heat map.

Watch out! No matter how much we tell you, you won’t really experience it until you register for free and try it for yourself. The only thing we can tell you is that we have put a lot of love and all our experience in creating this site and we continuing making improvements day after day with your feedback and opinion.

We’re waiting for you!

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