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How to manage your project’s SEO Tasks

How to manage your project’s SEO tasks

Do you need a tool that allows you to take full control of your SEO projects from a single dashboard, where you can review all project KPIs, manage all stages of the strategy and communicate with the team?

SEOcrawl allows you to do all this and more. This software, which draws data directly from Google Search Console, is a revolution in the SEO world for many reasons. One that we will highlight today is that it enables you to manage all project tasks and communicate them to the different teams efficiently, simply and with agility without even leaving the. Want to find out more?

Advantages of Kanban SEO organisation

We haven’t reinvented the wheel: Kanban organisation has been used with SEO for years, because it allows you to quickly visualise the status of project tasks with its organisation in columns (to-do, in progress and finished). As many tasks as required can be added depending on the type of project being managed.

At SEOcrawl we use Kanban as a starting point, but have improved the process based on our own experience.

Want to find out how? Just keep on reading!


Once inside the tool, clicking on the “Tasks” option will take you directly to the dashboard. Here, you can see an overall summary of the project status via the lists of pending and completed tasks.

SEOcrawl task dashboard

Task lists/statuses

For task management we have included four columns that correspond to the four different statuses:

  • To-do: tasks that are on the agenda but have not yet been started.
  • In progress: tasks that are being worked on.
  • QA: quality assurance. Completed tasks pending final review by the responsible party.
  • Done: tasks that have been completed satisfactorily.

Each of the tickets can be moved between the different columns depending on their respective statuses. For example, a completed job that has been submitted to QA for the final check may revert to the “In progress” status if it requires corrections or changes that were not foreseen.

Tickets or tasks

Each of the project steps should be documented on its own ticket, as a separate task. This, in turn, can contain as many sub-tasks as necessary.

Below we will show how a new task is created, however one aspect to highlight is that each task can be assigned a manager, one or more task trackers, tags, due dates, etc.

How to start getting the most out of the task manager

One of our main aims at SEOcrawl has always been to create tools and functions that are useful and that make SEO teams more efficient and agile, allowing them to save time. Below you will find some ideas on how to structure an SEO audit and the next steps to take to make the most of each improvement!

Step 1) SEO audit

The audit is the first step of any SEO project. It is a detailed analysis of everything that may affect the organic positioning of a website. If done well, the result is a list of optimisations and actions that can be carried out. This is where you can start to make the most of SEOcrawl functions.

Step 2) The backlog: what is it and what is it used for?

The backlog is none other than a prioritised list of tasks. The most important elements appear at the beginning so the team can see what needs to be delivered first.

SEOcrawl backlog

Furthermore, the list shows the title of each task, its status, the person responsible for its completion, the description tags, the due date and parameters of complexity, impact and priority.

This section could be described as a “stockpile of ides”. It is everything we would like to do in the future and, as it is prioritised, when moving on to the next task it makes it clear which tasks should be carried out first.

Step 3) Board or sprint

Once the tasks are ordered by priority and date, the priority tasks can be moved to sprint and coordinated in real time with all team members.

There are two ways to move tasks between the backlog and sprint: they can either be dragged directly, or the “Move to board” function – found by clicking on the three dots to the right of each task’s priority – can be used.

How to move tasks from backlog to sprint
Option to move a task from backlog to sprint

Whether your team uses the sprint methodology or not, this function will allow you to remain focused and makes it clear which priority tasks deserve your full attention.

Step 4) How to create a new task

Nothing could be simpler. From the Dashboard or Backlog, click the Add task button, found at the end of each status column on the Dashboard or at the top right in the Backlog.

If it is added from the dashboard, the task will be created directly within the column that is selected, although the status can subsequently be changed.

Clicking the “Add task” option will open the box below:

Add new tasks to SEOcrawl
  • Task title: Name of the task.
  • Status: usually new tasks are assigned the To-do status, although not always.
  • Tag: for organisational purposes, the different fields of action must be defined and assigned tags, e.g. content, onpage, offpage, technical SEO, etc.
  • Person responsible for carrying out the task.
  • Start and completion date: essential to keep track of the project timeline.
  • Impact, complexity and priority. This function makes our software unique when compared with other task managers; it will be described in further detail in the next point.
  • Description: as much detail as considered appropriate is provided about the task, to facilitate the work of the person managing it. Team members can also be tagged.
  • Task trackers: tags all team members that should be made aware of any changes in the development of the task; they will receive a notification each time there is a modification.
  • Attachments: files can be attached here, if necessary.

Step 5) How tasks are prioritised: impact and complexity

Prioritising tasks is essential in SEO projects, so that those that will have the greatest impact on the project are tackled first.

At SEOcrawl, we have developed our own algorithm to help establish priorities, especially at the start of the project, when it is often difficult to know where to start.

Each of the created tasks can be assigned the impact that, as a consultant, you think they will have on the project (low, basic, medium, high or very high) and the complexity of the task (low, basic, medium, complex, very complex).

The system uses these two parameters to automatically calculate the priority of the task within the dashboard:

  • Low priority tasks.
  • Middle priority tasks.
  • High priority tasks.
  • Critical priority tasks that should be carried out as quickly as possible.


Once the task has been created and assigned a priority, the person responsible for carrying it out will receive an e-mail notification and will be able to access all information on the task.

At this point, either the task is understood, performed and passed on to the next status and person responsible, or if anything about the work or the steps required remains unclear, it can be queried with the manager or other colleagues. To ensure that the entire process is documented, SEOcrawl includes a number of functions that improve communication between team members.

  • Comments: at any time, any of the team members can add a comment in this field and those people following up the task will be notified.
  • Tags: team members can also be tagged directly in the description, subtask and comment fields without having to exit the tool, send emails or make calls to resolve a specific question.
  • Sub-tasks: if a task is considered too complex to be completed in full, it can be broken down into more manageable sub-tasks, enabling progress and milestones to be tracked.
Example task with attachments and sub-tasks

Communication with the team

Communication between team members is crucial, especially in SEO projects, where there are often teams in different locations, separate offices or teleworking.

The SEOcrawl system allows all members with access to a dashboard to see the overall project status and the tasks assigned to them at any time. They will also receive notifications if there are changes to or comments on any of their work.

Archiving completed SEO tasks

Once the tasks are completed they should be archived. From the “Archive” page all tickets that have been implemented in the project can be accessed at any time. This allows the work that has been done and how it has been carried out to be checked. It is a simple way of keeping everything under control.

Impact monitoring

SEO work doesn’t end when the proposed tasks are finished… it is just as important to measure the results over time and report on them.

For this reason, SEOcrawl includes another key function that enables audits and teamwork to be managed. Integrated into the performance graph there is a notes system, which allows the changes made to be recorded and the impact they have had on the project to be measured.

SEOcrawl Performance Graph
Click performance graph with notes and Google updates added

Increase your productivity! With SEOcrawl task manager manage your SEO projects from just one platform. There is no need to share information or use with multiple services. SEOcrawl software makes your work easier and more efficient!

Register now for free and start getting the best out of the software of the future. 

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