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How to find and make the most of SEO opportunities?

SEO opportunities

Have you reached a point in your project where it feels like you’ve done everything you can and you don’t know where to go from here? In SEO, there are always improvements to be made, but we’ve all found ourselves in a stalemate where we don’t really know which way to go…

With SEOcrawl this will never happen: our software teaches you to find the best SEO opportunities so that your projects never stop growing.

Discover your opportunities report

Log into your project Dashboard on SEOcrawl and open the SEO opportunities report from the side menu, as shown in the image below.

Choose the Opportunities option in the SEOcrawl side menu
Intelligence – Opportunities

The report allows you to configure a lot of different options to extract the data you’re most interested in.

Here’s how each of these options works:

Time frame

If you do not change this setting, the software will analyse the last 28 days, although you can choose the time frame you want to analyse according to the different stages of your project. You can also choose to analyse a specific time frame and compare it to the previous time frame, to extract data which is even more reliable.

Filter your data according to the period of time that interests you
The date selection tool is very intuitive and you can customise it to you needs.


By default, the system has three filters:

  • Device: allows you to see which keywords are ranked on a computer, mobile or tablet devices.
  • Tag: with SEOcrawl, you can tag your keywords by campaign, content cluster or project relevance, for example. The keywords containing tags can be filtered using this option.
  • Country: find out where the keywords you are interested rank in different countries.

The filter system also has a much more powerful too to find areas where you could be succeed with a little effort: if you click the filter button, you will find more options to further expand the information:

Filter to activate extended options
Expanded options offered by the filter button

Example of use: If you filter by keywords in the top 10 with many impressions but not many clicks, the system will provide a report of all the keywords that rank on the first page, but that don’t yield many clicks from the users. Optimise the challenges of these landings and your project will improve quickly.

Heat map

With the heat map function, it is much easier for you to interpret the data at a glance: sort the keywords according to the parameter that interests you most (clicks, trend, impressions, growth or drop percentage, CTR or average rank) and observe how each keyword behaves for each of the KPIs that interest you.

SEOcrawl heatmap
The heat map will reveal great opportunities at just a glance.

Export your data and put them to work

The SEOcrawl control panel is very comprehensive, but you may want to extract the data for processing, cross referencing, setting them as the source of a report in Data Studio or for any other reason.

You can export the info in csv, excel or Google Sheets
SEOcrawl allows you to export the data as a csv, an Excel document or Google Sheets.

How to get the most out of the opportunities report

Once you are familiar with all of the report options, you can start to get the most out of it and to improve your SEO strategy by taking advantage of opportunities that hadn’t occurred to you yet.

New content suggestions with the keyword report

First of all, we suggest that you expand your content schedule with keywords that, until now, you hadn’t thought about working on.

To do this, open the opportunities report and set the time frame to access the data from the last 90 days, for example.

Then, click on the filter button and filter by position, choosing position 100 as the minimum, so that the system shows you all the keywords you are not ranking for.

Report of keywords that do not rank

Export them and you’ll have the starting point for a new content schedule.

Curation and optimisation of existing content with the URL report

Is it possible to monitor the performance of content that has already been created? Of course! Not only is it possible, but it is also necessary to regularly monitor if your blog posts are achieving the expected results.

To do this, you can use the URLs report which, by filtering the same parameters as explained above, can be used to access the URLs with the lowest average position and, therefore, insufficient clicks.

Report on URLs that do not rank SEOcrawl

If you click on each of them, you will open a personalised report, in which you will be able to evaluate:

  • Clicks, impressions, CTR and average position in the time frame of your choice.
  • Visibility score of the URL on a graph.
  • List of countries from which your page is visited.
  • List of keywords through which this URL is ranked.

With all this information and by asking you the right questions(what search intent is intended to cover this URL and what kind of content the pages ranking above it on the SERPs for this search intent have) you’ll receive valuable information to give your content the push you need to climb in the positions without stopping.

Want a more detailed explanation? Order a DEMO and get a FREE Enterprise account!

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