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SEO Extension
for Google Chrome

Discover SEOcrawl’s all-in-one SEO extension. Metadata, headings, canonical, international SEO and much more, unified and 100% free for Google Chrome.

Everything unified and 100% FREE for Google Chrome.

SEO Headings

Check the SEO headings of the page, their order and hierarchy and find out if there is a duplicate, missing headings or any SEO problem that is preventing you from getting better results. Correct those that are duplicated, add those that are missing and watch your results improve step by step.

Internal and external linking

Check all internal and external links on your page, its status code and the anchor used in each case for each link. Fix broken links and discover possible redirection loops. Also analyze the link ratio and make sure that everything is in order.

International SEO

Internationalizing your SEO strategy can be a challenge. Check out the hreflang markup and identify any possible errors in the implementation of international SEO tags. Are there any missing tags or no return tags? Don’t worry, we’ll show them to you so you can tidy everything up!

Open Graph & Twitter Tag
(social networks)

Open Graph & Twitter Tag
(social networks)

Preview your URL on social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin) to make sure you don’t miss traffic opportunities on the most important networks. An image can make the difference so don’t forget to check the featured pictures and network headings.

Search Console
Indexation API

Have you ever wondered when was the last time Google visited your URL? Is Google reading the same canonical tag that you have implemented? Find out all this information instantly thanks to the Google Search Console API.

& SEO Performance

Would you like to see which keywords work better when it comes to ranking your url and their performance? In this tab you will have all the information with heatmaps, traffic trends in detail. You will no longer have to waste time to find out what keywords are ranking for each URL. Easy peasy!

Web Health

Identify all the errors and improvements of your URL and prioritize the most important actions to increase the health of your URL and achieve better results.

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SEOcrawl is a tool that helps you with the automation of keyword reports and Search Console rank tracking, saving you a lot of time. With it, if you have good keyword tagging, you can easily detect changes in trends and rises and falls of traffic by keywords or URLs.

Isco Sánchez
SEO & Growth Marketing en BESOCCER

SEOcrawl is an interactive dashboard where almost anyone can leverage Search Console data. If you carry many projects or you are looking for simplicity and speed of analysis, I recommend trying it.

Juan González Villa​
Head of SEO y Fundador (USEO)​

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An SEO extension is a browser tool that allows you to get the SEO metadata of a page in a fast, simple and accessible way. The goal is to be as efficient as possible when analyzing the data in order to make better decisions.

The SEOcrawl team has put a lot of love and passion into its SEO extension and for this reason we have tried to provide a lot of valuable information. For this reason, you will find a wide range of elements (SEO metadata such as title and meta description, page status code, canonical tag, headings, internal and external linking, hreflang for international SEO, indexing API, web health status and see live what keywords a url ranks for and how they perform).

Our goal with SEOcrawl is not to have just another SEO extension. The goal is to be able to have an all-in-one SEO tool directly in the browser that encompasses all the needs of an SEO professional.

Don’t worry 🙂 Although we work restlessly to ensure that everything works perfectly, if you encounter a problem we will be happy to help you out. First of all, we recommend you to add our IP to the list of IPs allowed by the server ( If it still doesn’t work, we’ll be happy to talk to answer your inquires at info@seocrawl.com