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2024 Product Roadmap

Roadmap 2024

Undoubtedly, 2023 has far exceeded our expectations in terms of product, growth, revenue, and especially development capacity. For this, we can only thank all those who have supported us and commit to continue working to implement not only all the improvements you suggested, but also the ideas from our team to exponentially boost SEOcrawl.

Since its launch almost 4 years ago, SEOcrawl has been fueled by the ideas and requests of our community, which last year motivated us to make public our 2023 product roadmap and to implement the feedback button, which you know well and have used extensively to send us your proposals.

This year we are going one step further: from today, the internal document that we use to capture the next implementations in the tool, as well as its temporal forecast, will be public and you can access it by clicking on the following button.

As you will see, it is a living document, showing all the changes that will take place during the year, which will allow you to get an idea of what our goals are for 2024 and the path we have mapped out to achieve them.

Roadmap 2024 SEOcrawl

And now, we present you with our roadmap for the year that’s starting. We count on you to create one of the most powerful SEO suites in the market!


SEOcrawl is designed to be the basic tool in the day-to-day work of all SEO teams, and to achieve this, we have thought that all users in a team should have the same type of subscription. We are already working to let not only the main user enter projects in the tool, but also all the people who make up the team, giving them the same permissions, so that this more “administrative” part can be shared.


We have already made available white-label reports for you to inform your clients, and soon we will take it a step further: with CNAME integration, you will be able to add certain SEOcrawl functions directly to your domain, so that they are within your own brand. Thus, for example, your reports will have a URL like this:


Link Monitoring

We’ve all experienced it: shortly after investing hours and resources in designing and executing the perfect link-building campaign for your project, the links you had suddenly disappear or become nofollow. With the new link-building monitor (which will be released very, very soon), when this happens, you will receive an immediate alert so that you can act accordingly ASAP.

Link Building Link Monitor preview.

Link Building Link Monitor preview.

Tasks: New Design and Calendar View

Our task manager is one of the things that users like most about the tool because it allows managing teams and tasks in a straightforward and very fluid way, but we don’t want to stop there.

Task Management for SEO.

Preview of the new task management module.

Soon, we will implement a new, cleaner and clearer design of the tasks chart, which will also include a calendar view that will allow you to see the pending tasks for each day at a glance so that you don’t miss any.

Task management in Calendar view

Preview of the new task module in calendar format.

Time tracker

Knowing the time dedicated to each project and each specific task is essential to properly optimize the resources we have. That’s why the task section will soon include a time-tracking function and reporting by teams. Everything under control!

Crawl Limits

This improvement does not imply any visual change, but we assure you that you will notice it! Soon, we will expand all the crawling limits of the tool, which will directly affect functions such as indexing, the crawler… which will work much more efficiently.


You’ve been long waiting for it, and it will be available very soon: when implemented, this function will check the indexing of all the URLs on your site day by day and will notify you in real-time if there are any changes.

SEO Indexing Module

Preview of the new SEO Indexing module that will soon be available.

Later, in a second phase that we are already working on, the tool will be able to automatically and autonomously send the non-indexed pages to Google Search Console so that you don’t have to worry about doing it manually. That’s nuts, right?


We are going to refine our alert system even more, making it notify you in case of abrupt changes in the URLs and keywords of your project, especially regarding very sudden rises or falls in positioning. This will allow you to have even more exhaustive control of your projects.

Real-time SEO alert management

Preview of the new real-time SEO alerts module.

Full Crawler

We are working on a new super-powerful crawling tool with a cool design that we are sure you will love. An advantage over traditional crawlers? It’s in the cloud, with all that entails in terms of resource savings.

Full Web Crawler

Preview of our new and powerful full web crawler 100% in the cloud.

Google My Business API

An implementation that greatly simplifies the life of all professionals with local SEO projects: can you imagine being able to control the 10 locations of your restaurant chain or the 50 hotels you manage from a single place? Opening hours updates, photos, reviews, performance of each listing… Coming very soon!

WPO Dashboard

Controlling the performance on mobile and desktop of all your project’s URLs from a single dashboard will be possible very soon, and you will love the visual way we have designed it: a heat map will indicate the score of each of the URLs both on mobile and desktop.

WPO Dashboard

Preview of the new WPO Dashboard.

In addition, for each one of them, you will have a daily evolution graph with which you will be able to carry out a much more complete follow-up.

SEO reports

As you know, our priority is to create a tool that works for you while you focus on what really matters: the analysis and execution of your strategy, and this functionality will greatly help you with that: you will be able to set up your own automated reports, and they will be sent automatically every month. This will allow you to save valuable time to dedicate it to other tasks.

Export performance

As you can see in the roadmap document, we are going to dedicate a whole month to improving the performance of SEOcrawl in terms of data export, to make it much faster and more efficient. During that period, you will not notice changes in the design of the tool, but we will implement improvements in all the internal processes that will directly boost its competitiveness in day-to-day use.

Google ADS API

Yes, you read that right: we are working on integrating all the information provided by Google ADS (search volume, keyword difficulty, etc.) within SEOcrawl so that you can benefit from this data when making decisions without having to leave the tool.


Some changes require removing existing elements to start from scratch, and this is one of them: we have deactivated the Regex system to rebuild it from scratch and make it much more powerful. The new improved version will be available again very soon!


We are sure you will love this new feature! As you know, one of the fundamental tasks in SEO is the documentation of processes, both when creating your own workflows and to train your team, and even to report to your clients. That’s why we are going to implement a documentation system within the tool, where you can register absolutely everything you want within SEOcrawl: protocols, routines, instructions about specific clients or projects…

SEO Migrations

SEO migrations are probably one of the most complex tasks at the SEO level since they involve many changes, ensuring that nothing crashes duing the process to maintain the same or greater traffic… That’s why we will soon launch 2 related tools.

  • The first option consists in bringing two domains together into a single property (example.com and styles.en) to see their joint performance and analyze if the traffic is higher or lower than before migrating.
  • And to ensure the technical side, we will create an automatic redirection testing and error reporting tool to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Search Intent

The most important concept in SEO, the key to any successful strategy: search intent. That’s why we are working on very important improvements in the tool’s analysis capability so that the identification of search intent is increasingly accurate to reality.

LOGS analysis

Log analysis is a fundamental part of any SEO strategy because it allows you to know important data such as how often search engines crawl your website, which are the most and least visited pages, possible orphan pages, etc. That’s why we are going to incorporate a log analysis tool to allow you to keep your website much more monitored and, consequently, make better decisions.

Google Discover + news + images

Knowing the source of your traffic is essential to be able to trace strategies and make decisions (and, sometimes, it can even bring some surprises). That’s why in 2024 you will be able to know which part of your traffic comes from Google Discover, Google News, or Google Images, and not only that, but SEOcrawl will allow you to cross data, perform analysis, implement optimizations…

WP plugin

You’ve been waiting for it, and it’s now in development: the SEOcrawl plugin for WordPress will be a reality very soon. We won’t reveal more to not spoil the hype, but we can tell you that it’s going to be a very powerful tool to optimize pages built with this CMS.

Is there any suggestion you would like to make? Or would you like to participate in the creation of any product?

We’d love to hear you out! Pick a time that suits you and we’ll be delighted to contact you. Or else, you can write to us in the chat or through our contact page.

We are committed to creating one of the best SEO suites in the world, and our team puts our heart into it every day. Thanks for your trust and support!

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Picture of David Kaufmann
David Kaufmann
I was first introduced to SEO in 2011 and since then it has been a huge part of my life as it is something I am completely passionate about. It's my pleasure to be the CEO of SEOcrawl, an innovative all-in-one SEO software that is changing the way businesses manage their SEO strategies.

15 thoughts on “2024 Product Roadmap”

    • Yeah, great suggestion but tough. Most of the data needs desktop-screens in order to understand it completely. However, we are adjusting some of the reports and screens to mobile to make it as friendly as possible.

      Thank you so much for your help and suggestion Edwin and at your disposal,

      • Yes, please don’t bother wasting resources on a mobile version. Even powerhouses like Semrush have figured this out. Ahrefs doesn’t even bother.

        Could you also share more info about the backlink tool? Are you building a tool to crawl and find links, or do we upload our links (GSC & CSV files) and then use this platform to monitor those links?

  1. original header and footer for reports are impoptant for web designers

    SEOcrawal still shows your logo for my cilents

    • Great point! We did not want to add timescales as sometimes new urgencies appear or we need to switch priorities but we will publish all the features that are being pushed to production every month in our “Product Updates” articles.

      Thanks for everything and at your disposal,

  2. A list of tasks with statuses (idea, planned, under development, delivered) would be great, same with bugs (the broken regex filtering option is *reallyt annoying) .

    • We have this already 🙂 Just select “Tasks” and select the List view instead of Kanban and you will have everything there. REGEX Is coming back soon. Thanks so much!

  3. I would like to filter my favorite keywords and show them with a widget on the dashboard. So my clients can check the positions quickly.

  4. For a keyword (for a specific webpage) it’s great to see the whether the average position of the keyword in the SERPs has increased or decreased. But, what would be even more useful would be that when it decreases, then show me what competitor pages have moved higher above it in the SERPs, so that I can inspect what has pushed my result down and I can take action. I would only want this level of detail for keywords that rank in positions 1-10.

  5. I see the data and reports as input to be used for ‘the next step’. ie: SEO experts see the data and analyze the results of SeoCrawl…..then they notice some interesting things….then they take action based on this data. It would be great is SeoCrawl could present an ‘analysis’ of the results and suggest what steps to take next. It could start with a link above each report to a knowledgebase article about ‘how to interpret the data below…and what you actions you should perform next’ and then later maybe build more of the ‘next steps’ into the UI.

    • Could not agree more. The “Insights” widget in the Dashboard will be EXACTLY that will all the updates we are preparing.

      Thanks for all the amazing feedback and suggestions 🙂


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