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2023 Product Roadmap

Roadmap SEOcrawl

The SEOcrawl team has been working in the wonderful web positioning world for almost 10 years, and SEOcrawl in particular is nearly three years old. If there is one thing we have learned over this time is that user feedback and opinions are, undoubtedly, the top factor of improvement. In fact, some of the best features we offer nowadays (annotations, automatic assessment, alerts, and others) emerged to meet some of our SEO clients’ needs. Recently, many professionals have suggested other improvements. Many of them are already planned, but they are not so easy to share. That’s why we have decided to create this public Product Roadmap focusing on two main goals:

  • That you are able to give your opinion about it and help us improve it
  • That you participate actively by suggesting new products that are not in our plans yet.

Lets go!

NOTE: In order to make it as organized as possible, we have split this Roadmap into sections.

SEO Dashboard v2

The SEO Dashboard is one of the tools that will undergo more changes. You won’t only be able to see more customizable widgets, but also three new tabs:

  • Google Analytics
  • Full Crawler
  • SEO Monitor

This way you will have access to performance data from Search Console and Analytics, together with other health data and all change alerts in real-time, all within the same Dashboard.

SEO Dashboard 2023
Soon, two new tabs will be added to our SEO Dashboard to make it the most powerful in the world.

Full Web Crawler

Currently, you can get a complete health report for each URL. However, it’s not possible to make a joint analysis. Soon, your Dashboard will show a full health report including ALL your URLs and classify improvements. Besides, you will be able to perform partial trackings, automate them and take your health management to a whole new level.

There are no images because we are sure you will love the design, but we want it to be a surprise 🙂

Google Analytics

The integration of Google Analytics is probably the soonest product to be launched. Google Analytics 3 will soon disappear, and we are working on different fronts to adapt to that.

  • Integrate all GA4 data into the new analytics dashboard.
  • Create customizable widgets and columns to integrate Analytics 4 data together with Search Console and health performance data.
  • Save data from GA3 and GA4 to make comparisons and not miss your history.
  • Most importantly, create automatic reports that will allow you to see top keywords and URLs quickly and easily, based on conversion, number of entries, etc.

SEO Reporting

Regarding reports automation, we improve and move forward every single day. However, we want to take this process to a whole new level. Currently, you can adjust widget settings in the SEO dashboard and then export a PDF report or share a URL with your client, if they have already signed in to SEOcrawl.

Nevertheless, to make further improvements, we will:

  • Allow you to share links with private URLs, which can be seen without logging or signing in, and even be protected with a password.
  • Create the CNAME integration, which will allow you to import all reports and data from SEOcrawl straight into your domain.
  • Launch a report creation system, similar to Google Slides that will allow you to adjust widgets and automate report creation and sending.

Onboarding and Help

This is the area in which we are arguably putting a bigger enthusiasm and love. At the moment, we are recording videos of each page to explain how to make the most out of these tools, and writing articles about different processes, such as:

  • Labeling brand keywords.
  • Creating a report PDF with your brand.
  • And many more!

This way, every single section on SEOcrawl will be well documented and you will have access to these tutorials whenever you need them.


The task system is having an overwhelmingly high acceptance rate, due to its great design and usability. Regarding this system, we will continue working hard in order to add:

  • Time tracking and team reporting.
  • Due date reminder.
  • Calendar view for tasks and many more.
SEO tasks
The new task calendar view will allow you to know which tasks to do every day and whether you’ve missed any.

Alerts and automation

With SEOcrawl providing so much information (Search Console, Analytics, Health, Monitor, etc.) our goal is to make our systems work for you 24/7 and grant you all the insights you need. That’s why we are working on launching several alerts and integrations with Slack, Teams and other platforms for you to receive alerts about the most important changes:

  • Keywords or URLs improving or worsening.
  • conversion or revenue improving or worsening.
  • Defining improvement or worsening sensitivity to receive alerts.

SEO Chrome Extension

Our SEO extension for Chrome is already being used by thousands of SEO professionals and companies all over the world. This year, we want to keep on upgrading it:

  • Translation into 20+ languages.
  • New tab to see URL performance (clicks, impressions, conversions).
  • New tab to see which keywords are ranking for that URL and their performance.
  • New indexation tab to see the real-time status of our crawler and the Search Console indexation API.

SEO Migrations

SEO migrations are some of the most difficult tasks, considering they imply making many changes while keeping the system working and producing the same or higher traffic. That’s why we will launch two tools related to this:

  • The first option consists in bringing two domains together into a single property (example.com and styles.en) to see their joint performance and analyze if the traffic is higher or lower than before migrating.
  • And to ensure the technical side, we will create an automatic redirection testing and error reporting tool to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Link Building

Link purchase is probably at its highest peak in history. However, how often have you had problems with newspapers or editors deleting these links or turning them to nofollow? With our tool, you will be able to keep control of these links automatically and be notified in case of any changes.

Google My Business API

Can you imagine controlling all 10 shops in your restaurant chain, or the 50 hotels you manage in just one place? Working hours update, pictures, reviews… Soon available!


SEOcrawl is now available in 22 languages, which sounds crazy to us and makes us extremely happy. Still, we want to reach many other languages, improve the quality of current translations and make our app (app.seocrawl.com) and our landing page (seocrawl.com) available in all languages possible.


  • Add custom keywords to Rank Tracker (even if they’re not in Search Console) and get notified when they start ranking.
  • Automatic keyword labeling and clustering.
  • Implement search volume and CPC in Rank Tracker.
  • URL indexation dashboard.
  • LOGS analysis
  • Sitemap builder
  • Content Builder/Analyzer

Is there any suggestion you would like to make? Or would you like to participate in the creation of any product?

We’d love to hear you out! Pick a time that suits you and we’ll be delighted to contact you. Or else, you can write to us in the chat or through our contact page.

We are committed to creating one of the best SEO suites in the world, and our team puts our heart into it every day. Thanks for your trust and support!

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About the author

David Kaufmann
David Kaufmann
I was first introduced to SEO in 2011 and since then it has been a huge part of my life as it is something I am completely passionate about. It's my pleasure to be the CEO of SEOcrawl, an innovative all-in-one SEO software that is changing the way businesses manage their SEO strategies.

9 thoughts on “2023 Product Roadmap”

    • Yeah, great suggestion but tough. Most of the data needs desktop-screens in order to understand it completely. However, we are adjusting some of the reports and screens to mobile to make it as friendly as possible.

      Thank you so much for your help and suggestion Edwin and at your disposal,

      • Yes, please don’t bother wasting resources on a mobile version. Even powerhouses like Semrush have figured this out. Ahrefs doesn’t even bother.

        Could you also share more info about the backlink tool? Are you building a tool to crawl and find links, or do we upload our links (GSC & CSV files) and then use this platform to monitor those links?

  1. original header and footer for reports are impoptant for web designers

    SEOcrawal still shows your logo for my cilents

    • Great point! We did not want to add timescales as sometimes new urgencies appear or we need to switch priorities but we will publish all the features that are being pushed to production every month in our “Product Updates” articles.

      Thanks for everything and at your disposal,

  2. A list of tasks with statuses (idea, planned, under development, delivered) would be great, same with bugs (the broken regex filtering option is *reallyt annoying) .

  3. I would like to filter my favorite keywords and show them with a widget on the dashboard. So my clients can check the positions quickly.


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