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Entrerprise Rank Tracker

Monitor all your keywords with the unlimited Enterprise Rank Tracker! Monitor all your keywords, tag and classify them in clusters, analyze them with heat maps and see the growth trends of each of them. Also, apply filters to see brand vs. non-brand traffic, core keywords, or whatever you think is best.

Tendencias de crecimiento

Growth trends

See automatically calculated growth trends for top keywords and URLs. You will no longer have to waste time after a Google update or after identifying an increase or decrease in traffic. SEOcrawl does all the work for you so you don’t have to waste a minute. The analysis is carried out on both keywords and URLs and on various parameters (clicks, impressions, CTR and average position).

Brand vs Non-Branded

Analyze the complete performance data of branded keywords (branded traffic) and non-branded keywords to really see where the SEO value is.

Brand vs Non-Branded
urls en carpetas

Rank Tracker for urls
and sub-folders

Not only can you measure the performance and variation of your project’s keywords in detail, but you can also calculate the performance of their URLs, folders, and subdomains. This way, you will be able to know which section of your website needs immediate attention.

Top Tags Page

Top Tags Page

Measure the performance url by top tags.

Top Tags Page
Keyword evolution map

Keyword Evolution Map

Detect the keyword performance with evolution map.

Keyword evolution map
Advanced Filters

Advanced Filters

You can customize your keyword reports in an effective and efficient way

Advanced Filters
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SEOcrawl is a tool that helps you with the automation of keyword reports and Search Console rank tracking, saving you a lot of time. With it, if you have good keyword tagging, you can easily detect changes in trends and rises and falls of traffic by keywords or URLs.
Isco Sánchez
SEO & Growth Marketing en BESOCCER

SEOcrawl helps you get the most out of your Google Search Console data: better display, higher data retention and no limit of 1000 rows. A very interesting tool if you want to delve into your data as much as possible.
Esteve Castells
Global SEO Manager (Adevinta)

SEOcrawl is an interactive dashboard with which almost anyone can take advantage of Search Console data. If you have many projects or you are looking for simplicity and speed of analysis, I recommend trying it.
Juan González Villa
Head of SEO y Founder (USEO)

SEOcrawl has seemed to me a simple and effective way to give shape and meaning to so much data that we see in Google Search Console. A twist to information to convert data into useful information.
Alberto Fernández
Ingeniero SEO CEO