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October 2023 Product Report

SEO Report October 2023

We are entering now the last quarter of the year working with the same intensity to make SEOcrawl the best SEO tool in the market and here we have some new features that we are sure you will love and that will make your daily work a lot easier. Let’s see them!

Copy and Paste Keywords in Annotations

Saving time on necessary but repetitive non-SEO tasks is one of our obsessions. That’s why, when analyzing a keyword list within an annotation, you won’t need to write them one by one. Now you can copy them directly from any other platform (excel, spreadsheets, word). The system will automatically recognize them and paste them, separating them with commas.

Keyword list in annotation on SEOcrawl

URL Added When a Task is Reported on the Crawler

Let’s see another new feature that will make organization a lot easier for your work and your team’s. Imagine you are checking on your URLs’ health on Top Pages and, when looking at the errors, you find a quite important issue that you will directly move to Tasks to it have solved quickly.

When adding the error to Tasks, aside from its description, the system automatically indicates the URL it’s connected to, so you don’t need to write it yourself anymore. This process may not represent a lot of time and effort in a single task, but the situation changes when tasks abound and you need to organize all your team’s work.

Task added directly from the URLs' Health function

Top Pages Keyword column

When checking your site’s best URLs on Top Pages, you will now be able to see which is the most important keyword in each of them without clicking on it, just at a glance.

Keyword on Top Pages
Useful, simple and effective

“Containing URL” Filter in Tag Management

The most powerful feature introduced this month: Access Rank Tracker ad tap on the Manage tags button, found on the top right section of the page. Now the upper options include “From URL”, which means you can tag all URLs containing a certain word, both existing and new, with just a few clicks.

This way, if you want to tag all the URLs in the blog, for example, you will just have to indicate it here and the process will be done automatically.

New "From URL" function in Tag management

That’s all for this month! We continue working with the same enthusiasm and, trust us, this last quarter of the year will be crucial and will come with so much news you will surprised.

Are you still not enjoying all of SEOcrawl’s benefits? Register for free now to find out yourself about all our functionalities and how they can help you.

Do you have any suggestions or want to tell us how SEOcrawl has changed your life? See you in the comment section!

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