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Product Report – May 2022

Informe SEO Mayo 2022

Another month has come to a close and we can’t wait to tell you about all the great improvements we’ve made in May. This month is just that extra bit special as we’re going to start sending you a monthly summary by mail and in video format so you can keep up to date with everything that’s going on.

We’ve put all our love and energy into it so we hope you enjoy!

New Prices

One of the major improvements we’ve made is a huge cut in our prices. As you know, our aim is to make SEOcrawl accessible to all professionals and companies, be they freelancers, agencies or large corporations. That’s why we’ve adjusted our prices, to align them with this philosophy. And if you take out a yearly subscription, we’ll throw in 4 months for free!

SEOcrawl Pricing
SEOcrawl’s 4 price plans with cut prices

Personalised SEO Dashboard

Up until now, on the SEO Dashboard, you could enjoy a number of options that appeared by default. However, we know that every project is unique, which is why we’ve made the options 100% customisable and given you the option to create different views. Read on to find out more!

Views: You can create a different view for each country or business line, giving you full control over your data and allowing you to easily check your progress.

View SEO Dashboard
View systems in SEO Dashboard

Widget configuration: Not only can you use more widgets, but you can also delete or edit current ones and adapt them to meet your needs.

Widgets SEO
Widget personalisation system

Here are some potential uses to give you an idea:

  • You have an e-commerce with presence in 3 countries: create a view for each country and filter each widget so that it only shows the data from the country you want to view (top keywords, top pages, changes, conversions, etc.).
  • You have a local business with presence in only one country: delete the widget for top countries and filter all the widgets so that they only analyse one specific country.

Daily notification for SEO Monitor

When you launch SEO Monitor, you’ll suddenly start receiving lots of notifications to your email. To get around this, we’ve grouped them together in a daily notification, which is much more useful and generates less ‘noise’.

SEO Monitor notifications
Daily summary of the changes in SEO Monitor

Videos in English

Since day one at SEOcrawl, we knew we had a global vision. That’s why you can already access the platform in 13 languages! But we’re going one step further… we’re also starting to publish more articles and videos in each language. We’ve started off with our new YouTube channel in English featuring our official introduction video.

Url Performance Circles

This functionality is still in beta and you might not be able to see it yet but it’ll be in production very soon. You’ll be able to use it to analyse the performance of an url at a glance. It’ll help you to detect problems with redirects or broken pages without even having to open the url.

health of url's
The web health of each url

Email with Core Update Results

On 25 May, Google announced the launch of another Core Update.

Google Core Update May 2022
Official announcement of the May 2022 Core Update on Twitter

You can already see this update on all the graphs, but we wanted to do even more. That’s why every 7 days you’ll receive an email with the impact this update has had on your results, in terms of keywords, urls and general metrics. You’ll be able to see if it has had a positive effect or not and make any changes needed.

Number of Keywords and Urls

It may seem obvious but it is very important to know how many of our project’s keywords and urls are positioned. That’s why we’ve added both these metrics in our Keyword and Url Rank Tracker.

SEO Keywords
Total number of keywords in the Rank Tracker

Dashboard Groups

Lastly, we have an excellent functionality for all you organisation freaks. In SEO Dashboard, if you only have one website it’s straightforward. But what if you have 50 or 100? To organise them by groups or lines takes time. But now, it’s easy with this new functionality.

SEO Groups
Use this option to create groups and organise all your projects

Is there anything else you’d like to see? Want to send us feedback? Just go ahead and leave a comment or take part in our Public product roadmap, which we update every month.

Thanks for reading and until next time!

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