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Product Report – March 2024

Product report March 2024

We continue working non-stop to implement all the improvements that make SEOcrawl one of the best SEO tools on the market. This month we bring few updates, but they carry great importance. Will you join us?

Remove shared report link

As you know, one of our coolest features is that you can create a report on the project you manage and share it with a client via a link or PDF simply with the click of a button.

Export data button in SEOcrawl

But there may come a time when, for security reasons, you no longer want that link to work. From now on, you can do it easily with just one click.

Option to remove the link from the shared report in SEOcrawl

That’s how we like SEOcrawl to work: through easy and very fast processes!

New team page design

Our team is the heart and soul of the project, and we believe it’s fair to give them all the credit they deserve. That’s why we’ve redesigned the team page, with better photos of the people who create SEOcrawl every day and who strive immensely to make this tool become one of your favorites.

SEOcrawl Team Page

Link Monitoring

We know you’ve been long waiting for this, but we wanted to create something really useful before launching it, and we believe we’ve achieved that: now you can access, from the side menu, the new Link Monitoring feature, which we hope will greatly assist you with your PR and link building campaigns.

Link Monitoring feature in SEOcrawl

It’s as simple as adding your backlinks, every time you get a new one, with the “Monitor new link” button, which you’ll find at the top right.

Add your links with the monitor new link option

The tool will monitor all the links in your project including the source URL, anchor text, target page, link type, and creation date. The best is that it will automatically notify you by email if any changes occur, such as the disappearance of the link or a change from follow to nofollow.

Current month on the Dashboard

From now on, when you enter the main project Dashboard in SEOcrawl, the data you see by default will correspond to the current month, but you can change the dates as you wish to see a general summary of how things are going before accessing specific data for each one.

Current month in the Dashboard date range

New Changelog design

We don’t want you to miss any news, and that’s why, in addition to the report we publish each month, you have the opportunity to learn about all the changes and releases from the tool itself through the “Changelog” feature, which we have just redesigned.

Changelog button

By clicking that button, you can see notifications of the latest changes with their release date and access more details about each of them in real time.

Access more information on the notifications that interest you.

We continue working to make SEOcrawl the best SEO tool on the market and your contributions and feedback are very valuable. Please, feel free to share all your thoughts about our product updates, your ideas for improving the platform, or anything you want to tell us.

And if you’re not yet using SEOcrawl, don’t wait any longer to request a DEMO from us and we’ll explain how we can help you manage all your projects very easily. And we’ll give you a 14-day Enterprise account for you to put into practice everything we teach you!

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1 thought on “Product Report – March 2024”

  1. Keep up the good work! Reflecting on the past year, it’s astounding to see how much has improved. The dedication to enhancing SEO features and user experience shines through in every update. Congratulations and thank you! 🌟


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