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Product Report – June and July 2022

July 2022 SEO Report

Did someone say holidays? Nooo! During the bustling months of June and July, our amazing team has continuously put out product upgrades, both in terms of new releases as well as, and most importantly, performance and usability. We have arranged the information in sections so that it is properly organized.

SEO Annotations

As you are well aware, the SEO annotations system’s one of the most revolutionary features of SEOcrawl because of how time-saving this tool is. To keep on improving this system, we have implemented three upgrades.


In some cases, the annotation title was not enough for professionals to include all the necessary details. That is why we have added the description field for you to write as many details as you wish.

Add SEO annotation
New description field in the SEO annotation system

Page Distribution

When you start to use the annotation system, you will notice that the annotations for the Google algorithm, also known as Core Updates, will be automatically added. Surely, there will only be a few of them. However… Did you know that there are companies with over 100 annotations? One of them let us know that only the last 15 annotations were showing up. We came up with a solution: adding a page distribution feature, which allows you to visualize the entire activity.

seo pagination
New page distribution system for SEO annotations


It is August 6th, you add an annotation and, suddenly, two days later, you realize the annotations’ results were rejected. However, this isn´t true! The data were simply not ready yet and were comparing a seven-day performance with just a one or two-day performance. Thanks to the wonderful feedback that we have received, new symbols will be shown representing that the data aren´t prepared yet and they will only appear when the time frame that is being compared is equal (for example, seven days prior vs. seven days to follow).

seo results loading
Symbols representing that the SEO results aren’t ready

Usability and New Features

Of course, the upgrades were never going to be 100% focused on the annotations system, which is why we have been releasing several upgrades in many different sections.

Google Analytics API

Great news! We have been in contact with Google and they have finally appointed SEOcrawl as an official provider of the Google Analytics API, which means that, very soon, we will be able to offer Google Analytics´ Dashboards, URL conversion, and so much more.

Google Analytics API
Thanks to the Google Analytics API, we´ll have a full SEO Dashboard

New Page for the SEO Visibility

We have cleaned up, sorted and improved the usability of the SEO Visibility new page, for it to be more useful and provide a quicker and easier way to visualize how many keywords there are in each position.

Advanced SEO Visibility
SEO visibility section redesign

IP & User Agent

SEOcrawl is starting to actively use its crawler both for the SEO Monitor and everything related to web health. To avoid any blocking problems or unallowed tracking, we have created a website for our bot so that you can access all of its details and add it to your list of permitted bots.

crawel bot’s IP:

user-agent: seocrawl-bot

All the infomation about the SEOcrawl Bot

SEO Canibalization

Not only have we released the new Keyword Cannibalizations page, but also we have published a detailed example and a step-by-step explanation on how to use it and understand it.

SEO cannibalization example
An example of a study of conversions in an SEO cannibalization

Exporting Top Folders

The Top Folders page is crucial to analyze all traffic and trends in every folder and sub-folder on a web. However, when exporting these data, only the first line used to be exported. From now on, the export will be thorough and users will be able to see all the data, whether they have been sorted or not.

top seo folders
A report on Top Folders, which, from now on, can be thoroughly exported

Security Notices on Tasks

There are many teams around the world using SEOcrawl´s SEO Task Manager. To keep on improving, we have added two key auto-save features. Thus, loss of new information will be avoided.

security in SEO tasks
When closing a task or clicking somewhere else, the contents will not only be auto-saved, but also a message will pop up to avoid information loss.

SEOcrawl around the World

SEOcrawl´s around the world project is without a doubt one of the undertakings we are the most passionate about. Despite having been founded in Spain, SEOcrawl has a very large global ambition. This is why we already work in 9 languages, with the idea of, little by little, adding more and more every day. Not only have we improved our translations, but also we are launching key articles in several different languages. In this case, we are talking about a complete tutorial on SEO Tools in Italian.

seo tools in Italian
Article on SEO Tools in Italian

Video Summary

Would you like to watch the June/July 2022 product´s video-summary? Here it is, 8-minutes long and featuring examples!

Would you like to receive 30 days Free Enterprise account? Book a DEMO and you will activate them immediately.

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