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Product Report (July – August – September)

Product Report July, August, September

Summer is ending and school is back, as well as our product news report. We have truly been working non-stop to continue making SEOcrawl the most powerful tool in the market, but we wanted to make sure everyone was back at work to tell you about our latest implementations. Ready? Let’s go!

GA3 Data Warehouse Launch

As you know, the launch of Google Analytics 4 has been an absolute revolution, but also an important issue for SEO specialists and analytics departments; this launch came together with the total deletion of Universal analytics and all traffic data you had saved on the platform, which meant losing essential information about your projects.

At SEOcrawl, we are aware that what is not measured does not exist, and that comparing historical data is the only way to know whether or not your project is on the right track. For this reason, as soon as we knew GA4 was coming, we got to work in order to offer you a crucial functionality: saving all the historical data in Google Analytics 3, for you to avoid missing any important information when analyzing your website’s performance.

Google Analytics 3 Data Warehouse in SEOcrawl

You will find the GA3 Data Warehouse function in the second tab on your projects’ main dashboard in SEOcrawl.

Access GA3 Data Warehouse on SEOcrawl

GA4 launch

And, closely related to the previous news, we have implemented a truly revolutionary function: having direct access to a Google Analytics 4 dashboard, where you’ll be able to observe and analyze all data saved on the tool in real time!

Google Analytics 4 Dashboard on SEOcrawl

Keyword Monitoring in Annotations

Almost all changes and improvements we implement on a website aim at ranking one or several keywords higher in Google search results and tracking them is essential to determine whether or not your project is in the correct direction. From now on, you will be able to monitor your most important keywords from the Annotations page.

When creating a new annotation, you can make it monitor all keywords or just those you include in a specific list.

Keywords on SEO extension

We have included a tab called Keywords among the functions in our SEO extension, where you will be able to discover, at just one glance, those keywords generating the most clicks and impressions on the URL you are analyzing, as well as its performance in absolute numbers and percentages. If you scroll sideways, you will also see each keyword’s CTR and average position. Isn’t it practical?

Keywords Tab on SEOcrawl's SEO Extension

Are you still not using our SEO extension on Google? Download it here and enjoy all it has to offer. It will become indispensable!

New Design in Annotations e-mails

As you know, we like things to be, besides practical, as pretty as possible. Based on this idea, we have redesigned those e-mails you receive every 7, 14, 30 and 60 days after making annotations to keep you informed about how the impact of that change you made back in the day. These e-mails are now cleaner and, most importantly, easier to interpret at first sight.

SEOcrawl's annotation e-mails have a new design
As you may have seen, this is the new design for SEOcrawl annotation follow-up e-mails.
Old design for SEOcrawl's annotation e-mails
The design is now cleaner and more intuitive, and changes are easier to visualize at a glance

Author in Annotations

This function is especially important in those projects where several team members are involved. From now on, the Annotations page will keep track of the author of each annotation to make filtering and follow-up easier for those notes you are most interested in at every moment.

Author visible on the Annotations Page in SEOcrawl

Automatic annotations, generated after updates or changes in Google’s algorithm, will continue to appear without an associated author.

Export Top Clicks

We cannot insist enough: keeping track of a project’s history is essential to know where we come from and whether the actions we implement have a positive impact or not. At SEOcrawl we make this process a little easier: on the Clicks Performance page, you will be able to see, for each of the variables involved (requests, pages, countries, devices, dates and annotations), figures for clicks performed over the period consulted and, next to it, the immediate previous period. Both figures are included within a heatmap for you to interpret data and arrive to conclusions in a quick and visual way.

Top Clicks View on SEOcrawl

Additionally, you will now be able to export these data in CSV, Excel or Google Sheets files, making them easier to process and analyze.

New SEO extension landing design

We love our SEO extension and we wanted to pour all that love into the page where we inform all its functionalities and benefits. We want to tell you about all you can achieve through this tool in a more visual and clearer way, for you to know about its advantages first-hand before using it. We’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do!

SEOcrawl's SEO extension landing

Export the last months together in the same file

One of SEOcrawl’s biggest strengths is being able to export data to manage, filter and analyze them as you need. As you know, all functions in the tool contain an “export” button at the top, which allows you to extract information in different formats according to your necessities: image (PNG, JPEG, PDF or SVG), CSV, Excel or Google Sheets. You can even get a protected link to send these to your clients.

From now on, in addition, data extracted from all months will be exported in the same file, for you to analyze the data and identify trends in an easier and more intuitive way.

Sticky Menu Always on Display

You’ve asked for it and we’ve responded: no more dropping down the menu every time you want to change functions to see what you need. The sticky menu on the left is now always on display. This way, you will be able to access all functions you need immediately.

Sticky menu always on display on SEOcrawl

URL visible in Top Keywords

From now on, when accessing the Top keywords page to see the best positioned keywords, you will see the URL they are ranking on next to it, without the need to click on the specific keyword you wish to consult about.

URL visible in the Top Keywords report
The URL is now more smoothly integrated with the rest of the graph, which is now more practical and legible than before.

New Design on Help Button and Videos

As you know, besides tool practicality, we strongly focus on user experience and we work on aesthetics and usability with the same passion. That’s why, we have just improved the design of our video help button (which you will find on the upper part of the page) and the video tutorials displayed there, for you to know how to make the most out of the functions in the tool.

Help button redesigned
Click on this button to learn how to get the best performance from all of SEOcrawl’s functions.
Video tutorial on SEOcrawl
You will access a video where we explain what the function is used for in an easy and very didactic way.

Impressions, CTR and Average Position on the URL Map

This graph is a heatmap where, until now, you could see those URLs which had received the biggest number of clicks in the current month as well as the 7 previous. This information can be very useful, but insufficient when making certain analyses. now, you will be able to check top URLs based on impressions, CTR and average position, giving you a complete overview of what is going on with your page and how to improve it.

New metrics available in the URL map in SEOcrawl
Use the upper selector to choose the metrics you want to analyze.

Trends Visible on the Clicks and Impressions Dashboards

This is one of those changes that demonstrate how a good design makes the difference and how an almost imperceptible modification can make a control panel a lot more practical and easier to interpret. When accessing any of your main projects’ dashboards, you will see that all the Clicks and Impressions summary graphics now include project trends at a glance: simple, visual and intuitive. That’s how we like it!

Trends on Clicks and Impressions Dashboards

Chatbot and Help on Client Reports

Sometimes, improving usability in reports does not mean adding more stuff, but precisely, reducing noise to make data clearer and making it speak for itself. That’s why we have deleted access to the chatbot and the help buttons on the URL generated as reports to send your clients.

This improvement has two objectives:

  1. To make the reports you send to your clients a lot clearer and easier to interpret by eliminating all buttons in it.
  2. To make your clients contact you directly in the case of doubts, as being the creator of the strategy makes you the most suitable person to explain and guide them through the report.

What do you think about the changes we have implemented over these last weeks? Are any new functionalities missing? Do you want to make any further comments? We’d love to hear your feedback!

If you are still not using SEOcrawl and you’d like us to quickly explain why this is the tool that will change the way you implement SEO, request your DEMO now and get a free Enterprise account for 14 days for you to test it at will.

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