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Product report (January – May 2023)

January-May 2023 Product Report

Were you missing us? These last months have been crazy. We have been working real hard on our platform to turn it into one of the best in the market and we are very, very proud of what we have achieved so far. We’ve got a pile of news to inform! Want to come see them?

3k purchases on Appsumo

Incredible! We couldn’t be happier about the results of our collab with Appsumo: more than 3,000 lifetime licenses sold. We are sure that you’ll make the most out of our software and boost all your projects’ performance.

12-month view in the URLs map

The URLs map was already very practical, but this update will make it even more so: from now on, you’ll be able to view the 12-month history at a glance. Besides, we’ve added the clicks, impressions, CTR, and average position metrics. All within your reach!

12-month view in URL map

14-days annotations

As you know, until now, the Annotations function used to notify changes on 7, 30 or 60-day ranges. However, in some projects, it is necessary to have a more detailed control and for that we’ve added the 14-day view.

14 days post annotation results

Switch between projects

When managing several projects, especially when controlling a specific aspect or creating reports or comparisons, having to return to the main dashboard every time you switch projects can be very frustrating. But that is over: from now on, the platform, will keep the report you are working on.

For example, if you’re controlling all your clients’ visibility, you can simply access the report and then switch projects in the upper menu. You’ll still see the visibility report after switching projects.

Date persistence

This new function is very simple, but you’ll see that it has a positive impact in your daily use as it makes analyses easier: if you set up a date range in any of the SEOcrawl screens, it will remain even if you enter another function. This way, you won’t need to define the range for every single step anymore. Your work will be a lot more agile!

New languages

Arabic, Vietnamese, Swedish, Greek, Korean… We want everyone to leverage all of SEOcrawl’s potential in their mother tongue, and to do so, we are constantly adding new languages. We’ve reached 23!

SEOcrawl works in 23 different languages

x10 Speed

Something that is of utmost importance in SEO is productivity, and to achieve it, we need the most agile and speedy tools. The new SEOcrawl cache system makes the tool fly. You’ll be able to switch between tools and access all data in an instant, without delays that add time to your work.

Http alert in Add Project

This is a new security system, through which you will receive an alert and the platform will request confirmation every time you try to add a property with a http protocol instead of https.

Insights for everyone

The Insights section is now available for everyone! As you know, here you can take a look at the most important growing or declining URLs and keywords for a certain period, which will allow you to make better and faster decisions for your project.

The Insights function is now available for everyone
You can see the Insights in the Project Dashboard, right below the clicks and impressions graphs

Find New Project in a dropdown menu

You should know by now: our obsession is making your work easier and allowing you to save time, especially in tasks that are repetitive or that do not add real value to the project. That’s why, from now on, creating a project has been made even more intuitive: simply click on the project summary dropdown, on the upper left section, and you’ll find the button to add a new one quickly.

New Project in a dropdown menu
Add your new projects quickly and easily

Checkbox for new tags

One of the most useful functions is the addition of tags to those keywords that are ranking for a specific URL and that you can see in such URL’s site. Well, we have added a new checkbox to allow you to select or unselect all at once in just one click. That’s practical!

Checkbox for keyword management

Unified annotation e-mails

Your wish is our command! With every annotation you make, the system sends an automatic e-mail report, which is cool. The problem appears when making several annotations in a row: until now, you would receive an e-mail for each of them, which could be annoying. From now on, all annotations will be unified into a single report e-mail. The same will happen with weekly and monthly performance reports, so, say bye to the Search Console spam!

 in annotations

We’re working to make SEOcrawl more and more visual, intuitive and easier to analyze in just one look. For that, we have added an upward and a downward arrow in the Annotations page, according to the increase or decrease of clicks, impressions, CTR, or average position during a certain period of time.

More visual annotation system with arrows for changing trends

Add to Group

The Add to Group function was already available and it allowed you to group projects based on your own criteria, which makes it practical to manage several clients or supervise multiple work teams. Now, adding your projects to a group is a lot easier, as you can do it straight from the summary screen, in just one click.

Add Project to a Group
Group your projects with just one click

Delete your account safely

If, for any reason, you wish to delete your SEOcrawl account (from profile -> settings), the system will ask what you want to do with the projects you have opened and you will be able to choose between deleting them completely or migrating to another user on the platform. This way, we make sure no important information gets lost.

Options when deleting an account

We will also ask you to tell us why you wish to delete the account (although answering is completely optional). Your feedback is our most valuable information to keep on improving.

“Starts with” in tag management

Tag management is one of the functions we are most proud of, as it allows you to analyze your project in high detail according to the tags you give your URL or the keywords in it. From now on, management will be even easier, as you will be able to set up a rule with the “Starts with” option.

"Starts with" Condition in tag management
You simply need to click on Manage tags and choose the Rules option in the pop-up menu: within Conditions, you’ll find the “Starts with” option.

Related tasks

Another step to have all your project’s information organized, especially regarding making reports. As explained on other occasions, our recommendation is to set a task as Done, include an annotation with a short description of the tasks, the URL(s) involved, and the date, to make sure all your work is well-documented.

From now on, the information will be bidirectional: when selecting a task, you’ll be able to make an annotation and, after that, from the Annotations list, you’ll be able to access the specific task linked to it using the Related task button, on the upper right section.

Access a task linked to an annotation by clicking on a button

This way, it is much faster and easier to take control of the work done on all the projects you manage.

Team’s last login

Another useful function to control a project’s development and how the team is working is viewing employees’ last login date on the team page. This is particularly useful with projects that are not performing so well or as fast as expected.

Team's last login
Here, you’ll be able to see each member’s last login time and date to the SEOcrawl project. 

Dashboard sharing options

Reporting our work results to the client is the best way to make them valuable and, at SEOcrawl, we know that well. Until now, you could share your dashboard by exporting it as a PDF, but we have added two new sharing methods you’ll love:

Dashboard sharing options
  • Interactive URL: your clients will receive a link to the dashboard, where they can review the projects’ main metrics (clicks, impressions, top winners and losers) without the need to log into the platform.
  • Protected link: besides, you can share the dashboard through a protected link with a password of your choice, so you can share it only with whom you decide.

New paid Demo

If you request a Demo, we will dedicate a full hour to explain how the tool works in depth, all its possibilities and how it can help you manage your project to get the best performance possible since the first day. Rather than a Demo, we could say this is an express masterclass, which also includes recommendations you can start using immediately.

Unfortunately, we have encountered people who booked a Demo but later did not attend, which negatively affects both our team and other potential, genuinely interested users to whom we couldn’t dedicate our time.

For this reason, from now on, our Demo has a €50 fee to account for the content it includes, as well as for our team’s time and expertise. Attention! If you buy SEOcrawl after the Demo, you will get a €100 discount (not the €50 you invested) over any of the subscription packs you choose.

Is it worth it?

Add annotation to URLs list

The Add annotations function is key in SEOcrawl, as it allows viewing the direct impact of SEO actions on the web’s performance. That’s why, our aim is to make it as efficient as possible, and for that, we have added a new option: until now, when making an annotation, you could select whether the related task affected all the web, a single URL or multiple (which you could define with a rule). Now, you can choose the option URLs list, which will open a field to paste the specific URLs impacted.

Add URLs list to the annotation tool

10k professionals and companies already trust us!

10k million thanks! Your trusting us is the best boost to keep on working and offering you the best, most complete tool with all the functions needed to increase your project’s growth.

We hope all these updates are of great utility to manage your projects. Are you missing anything? Let us know, we’re looking forward to reading from you!

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