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Product Report January 2024

Product Report January 2024

We’ve started this year with so much work that we are full of fantastic news about how you will be able to make the most out of our tool. Come with us to find out next!

New design for our left side menu

The menu is still the same, but it has changed looks… for the better! Now you can enjoy a menu that is visually much friendlier and cleaner, where all options are better organized and clearer.

New SEOcrawl side menu
New SEOcrawl side menu

WPO Dashboard

Though still in a private beta phase, the WPO Dashboard and its incredible functionalities will go public real soon. This is what we can tell you so far:

    • The global dashboard will display a heat map with the scoring of the URLs in your site, both in mobile and desktop versions.
WPO Dashboard in SEOCrawl
  • Additionally, next to every URL, you will a button to track its daily evolution.
Daily evolution of WPO by keyword in SEOcrawl

This is a very powerful functionality that will allow you to improve upload speed as well as the user experience in all your pages, taking your project to the next level. Coming soon!

New filters in the Top Pages view

Access the Keywords page in the improved side menu to find this practical new function: if you enter the advanced filter, you can now set it up to filter by URL and keyword at the same time. Before, you could only filter by one or the other. This will allow you to sharpen your analysis much more, and thus, create a more focused strategy.

What's new on SEOcrawl's Top Keywords page?
Enter the Top Keywords page to discover the new filters.
New filters on the Top Keywords page of SEOcrawl
You can now filter by keyword and URL at the same time

Status circles in Top Pages

We love implementing visual improvements for you to collect the biggest amount of information possible at a glance: the easier the tool is to use, the more you can get from it. That’s why, this very simple novelty is one of the coolest we bring you this month: Enter Rank tracker – Pages and you’ll see a traffic-light filter showing the status of your project’s pages.

  • Green lights show that your page’s status is 200. If, in addition, the tool has calculated the page’s health, you will see it as a percentage within the circle.
    • Orange lights show URLs with 3xx redirection.
  • Red lights indicate broken URLs with 4xx or 5xx response.

This functionality automatically analyses all URLs on the site, which makes it very useful to keep all undesired response codes under control and solve them promptly.

URLs with response code 200 in SEOcrawl
Aside from the response code, you can see the URL’s health in the percentage displayed within the circle.
URLs with 3xx response codes in SEOcrawl
Redirected URLs will appear here.
URLs with 4xx and 5xx response codes in SEOcrawl
If this is what your filter shows, congratulations! You have no broken URLs on your web

2023 Clicks and Impressions data

You’ve been waiting for it, and it is here: from now on, you can see previous data in the project Dashboard. It’s as simple as displaying the dropdown menu next to the advanced filters to view a 2023-2023 comparison (by default) or 2022-2023. Easy peasy!

Dashboard 2023 and 2024 in SEOcrawl
Select the data you want to see every time, easily.

New languages

We aim to improve SEO strategies around the whole world, and that’s why we feel happy every time we include a new translation language, as it means SEOcrawl can reach many more people. Very important news: SEOcrawl is now available in Chinese. This sums up to 24 languages!

Additionally, we took the chance to redesign the translation and language management function, which now as a much cleaner and visual look to make it easier to change between versions as needed.

Available languages in SEOcrawl
Change the tools language from your user profile, on the upper right

We keep on working to make SEOcrawl the best SEO tool in the market. You won’t believe all the incredible news we will have for you along 2024! You still haven’t tried it? Request a DEMO; we will tell you how the tool works and offer you interesting tips to improve your project, and, moreover, you will get a FREE Enterprise account for 14 days for you to fully test it.

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