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How To Create a White-Label SEO Report

SEO report in SEOcrawl

The SEO world involves a myriad of variables, and SEO strategies in a company or any marketing department can change over time. However, whatever the strategy, it is essential to be capable of creating professional custom SEO reports to compile the performance and the results of the work done.

Throughout this article, our aim is to explain why white-label SEO reports are key and how SEOcrawl can help you produce top-quality custom reports.

What Is a White-Label SEO Report?

The first thing we need to know, and which we will explain next, is what a white-label SEO report is.

A white-label SEO report is a custom document which provides valuable data and metrics about a website,  with the peculiarity of not referring to specific tools or platforms. Instead, it focuses on highlighting results in a more coherent and professional way, creating a custom experience for each client.

This way, white-label reports not only strengthen a brand’s perception and identity but also make it easier to communicate the SEO strategies developed and their subsequent achievements. In addition, these reports make said results clearer.

What To Include In a White-Label SEO Report?

Although every white-label SEO report has its own particularities based on different variables, there are some essential metrics that you cannot omit.

Let’s have a look at what data must be included in any professional SEO report:

  • Firstly, an executive summary with a general overview of results and SEO strategy highlights.
  • Another essential insight to include is the keyword analysis: this shows how the selected keywords are performing, including rankings, search volumes, competitors, etc.
  • Organic traffic analysis represents the growth and evolution of this traffic over time. We can set the period we want to focus on to see peaks and drops linked to every strategy.
  • Through link analysis, we can evaluate incoming links and detect improvement opportunities in consequence.
  • Competitor analysis: Comparing our SEO performance to our direct competitors’ is a usual pratice in this environment and there’s nothing wrong with it. Contrasting and drawing conclusions allows for boosting strong points and strengthening weak ones.
  • Final recommendations: an SEO report must end with a clear conclusion based on all the data collected, offering suggestions and concrete actions to improve the SEO strategy.

SEOcrawl’s SEO Dashboard: The Perfect Tool to Create White-Label Reports

One of SEOcrawl’s strong points is the SEO Dashboard, the main control panel from which you can perform a general follow-up of all the information relevant to your SEO strategy.

These are all the metrics you can see and access from the SEO Dashboard to expand on the information you need.

SEOcrawl's SEO Dashboard

Additionally, SEOcrawl allows you to customize your SEO Dashboard fully by adding your own company logo to boost your brand’s visual identity.

Customize Your Dashboard with SEOcrawl

As said above, SEOcrawl allows you to give your dashboard a totally customized touch: just access your profile and choose the Personalization option (only available for Enterprise users). You’ll see a screen like this one:

Customize your SEOcrawl dashboard as you wish

As you can see, you can insert your project’s logo in two different sizes and customize your report’s looks with your corporate colors. You can even change your font’s color! To take as a reference, here’s how the customization screen looks for one of our biggest clients, Chess.com:

Chess.com's customized dashboard

Besides including your company logo, which gives your reports a professional look, you will be able to manage this control panel as you wish, highlighting the most relevant metrics over the rest.

This makes the experience a lot more comfortable and personal for each client.

Customize your SEO dashboard as you wish

Export Your SEO Reports As You Like

To grant visibility to SEO results, SEOcrawl offers several options for each user to choose the most suitable to their needs.

You can export your SEO report as a PDF file, through a link, or through a password-protected link.

Next, we’ll show you the three different options that SEOcrawl offers to export your SEO reports.

SEO Reports to PDF: The Easiest Option

The most common and simple way of exporting an SEO report is PDF. It’s easy to share, and its visual appearance is the neatest.

White-Label SEO Report on SEOcrawl

Besides, PDF can be printed, sent or shared easily among different platforms. And, as we all know, PDF is compatible with practically any device and operating system.

Share a Link with Your SEO Reports: The Fastest Option

The second option SEOcrawl offers is exporting SEO reports through a link you can share with whomever you want.

This is the ideal method when you need to share an SEO report in a direct and fast way: a link is created, sent to whom you wish and the recipient can open it, view it and analyze it anywhere, without the need to access an SEOcrawl account.

SEOcrawl's white-label dashboard

Protected Link for Your SEO Reports: The Safest Option

Finally, you also have the possibility to export SEO reports through links protected with a password.

This sharing method is the same as the previous one: We create a link, we share it with whom you want, and they can view and analyze it anywhere.

Set a password to ensure the data in your white-label report is safe.

The difference is that a password is needed to access the link.

This method ensures safety and data protection, as the report can only be seen by those you decide.

Try Our SEOcrawl Demo

White-label SEO reports are fundamental to present our SEO strategy’s results and suggestions to our clients, bosses or commercial partners.

SEOcrawl makes everything easier, professional and personalized.

Request your SEOcrawl DEMO now

You’re invited to try SEOcrawl’s demo version, which will enable you to enjoy all of its benefits for free. If you are still not sure, our team of professionals will be glad to answer all questions you may have.

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