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Digital 1to1 Spring: Chronicle of an Incredible Event

Crónica del Digital 1to1 Spring

As you know, on March 6th and 7th, the Digital 1to1 Spring was held at Port Aventura. Although SEOcrawl had already participated in the previous edition, this time the event was much more special for us as we could experience it much more intensely thanks/due to having the honor of being its main sponsor.

Arrival at Digital 1to1 Spring

Being the first sponsor of a professional networking experience of the caliber of Digital 1to1 is an incredible responsibility, and that’s why we have taken great care of every single detail to offer participants something SPECTACULAR.

SEOcrawl Tables at Digital 1to1

Much of the preparation and success of SEOCrawl’s participation in the event is thanks to the team that represented us during these days and worked tirelessly to make the most of the experience and add value to the other participants.

SEOcrawl Team at Digital 1to1
From left to right: Gastón Flores, Jesús Páez, Micaela Belén Peduto, and David Kaufmann

SEOcrawl at Digital 1to1: Timeline

The day began with a breakfast that allowed attendees to start getting to know each other and networking in a relaxed space before the organizers presented the event.

The first session of the day was led by the CEO of 1to1, Ronald Bardet, and King Fisher’s Group Digital Director, Marc Vicente, who spoke about their digital growth and transformation.

First session at Digital 1to1
Ronald Bardet, co-founder at Digital 1to1, and Marc Vicente, Group Digital Director of King Fisher

Next, there was a brief talk by our CEO and co-founder, David Kaufmann, in which he thanked the opportunity to participate as the main sponsor of the event.

David Kaufmann appreciates the opportunity to be a main sponsor of Digital 1to1

From there, the fundamental part of the meeting began: the intense agenda of 1to1 meetings that the entire SEOcrawl team had carefully prepared to give the BEST of ourselves.

On this first day, David Kaufmann and Jesús Páez, CEO of SEO Alive, presented SEOcrawl, including the success case of Chess.com, one of our clients which has gone from 0 to +100M in annual revenue largely thanks to its SEO strategy.

Chess.com Case Study Presentation

Want to take a look at the PDF presentation and discover everything in detail? Download it below.

But work wasn’t everything! After an exhausting but very productive day, we had the opportunity to enjoy an excellent party at Port Aventura, where talks and networking continued in a much more relaxed atmosphere, allowing us to get to know the event participants from a more personal and casual perspective.

In conclusion, Digital 1to1 is an event with EXCELLENT organization and an INCREDIBLE atmosphere in which we are delighted to participate. Thank you very much for everything and see you next year!

Family photo of attendees at Digital 1to1 Spring 2024
Family photo of attendees at Digital 1to1 Spring 2024

Didn’t have the time to meet us? Don’t worry! Schedule a DEMO or send us an email, and it will be a pleasure to speak with you.

Check out the full gallery of event photos here.

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