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December 2022 – Product Report

December 2022 SEO report

Few months have been as busy as the last month of 2022. December has been really crazy. You’re probably wondering why, right? Let us explain and walk you through all our new products and improvements!


Some months ago we started conversations with AppSumo, a software marketplace that allows users from all over the world to get a lifetime license at a much more affordable price. The launching was scheduled for December and although we were prepared for a slight growth, what happened left us speechless.

  • #1 most popular offer on AppSumo
  • +2000 purchases
  • Thousands of users from all over the world registering on SEOcrawl every day
  • And, above all, hundreds of questions, reviews, chats…
Achieving more than 2000 purchases has been a great and unexpected success but we are also committed to continue offering the highest quality in every way.

However, this HUGE SUCCESS has been followed by a great demand from the team in every way. We have been answering questions, offering help 24 hours a day for the last month including holidays, weekends. Our team has put all their blood, sweat and tears to guarantee the best possible service.

Discover here our official SEOcrawl page on AppSumo.

Speed And Performance

Although we had done a great job before, the success in AppSumo has presented a real challenge for us. We have improved the servers on a daily basis and implemented new technology in all the pages, yet we know that you deserve a faster speed. So, first of all we want to THANK YOU for your PATIENCE and support and tell you that in January we are adding even more resources:

  • 1 engineer allocated exclusively to improve speed and performance
  • new servers
  • new caching and preloading systems
  • and much, much more until we make sure everything goes smoothly.

Download Data on Individual url Page

If you are on the analysis page of a specific url, in addition to seeing all the keywords, trends and errors, now you can also download all the keywords to be able to work on them even more in depth if you wish.

Export keywords
Now you will be able to export all the keywords for which a url ranks (with or without filters).

Improvements for the SEO Extension

Our SEO Extension already has almost 1,000 active users and that’s why we don’t stop working. In addition, we are happy to announce that we have been “featured” by Google’s development team.

We celebrate almost 1k users and being “featured” by the Google Chrome team.

Usability on Top Page Changes

Every week, we received several messages indicating that it was not clear what “last 7 days” and “previous 7 days” meant. That’s why we have sorted it out and added the exact dates so that everything is crystal clear.

top SEO changes
New and clearer date system on the “Top Changes” page.

Date selector in the SEO Dashboard

Last but not least, the Date Selector is one of the most important improvements we have made to the SEO Dashboard. Thanks to this selector, all the data from ALL the widgets in the SEO Dashboard will be updated with one click and you will save a lot of time. This will be very useful because if you click on “View Dashboard” in the weekly and monthly reports that you will receive, you will go directly to the Dashboard with the filtered dates.

SEO date selector
Date selector shared in the SEO Dashboard

Finally, on behalf of the entire team, I can only thank you for your support, for the incredible suggestions and improvements we are receiving and, above all, for the encouraging and loving words we receive every day.

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I was first introduced to SEO in 2011 and since then it has been a huge part of my life as it is something I am completely passionate about. It's my pleasure to be the CEO of SEOcrawl, an innovative all-in-one SEO software that is changing the way businesses manage their SEO strategies.

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