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Brighton SEO (Autumn 2021) – all presentations

Brighton SEO Autumn 2021

Would you have liked to attend the last edition of Brighton SEO? The biggest SEO event in Europe was held in the English town last 9th and 10th of September and we have compiled for you the summary of all the presentations that were offered during those days. Do you want to see them in detail? Keep reading!

If you prefer to see a summary with everything organized, we have also created this document.

Summary with all the talks, speakers and presentations of Brighton SEO (Autumn 2021)

Dan Snow y James Carson

How History Hit uses SEO, social media and podcasts to drive our subscription business

The co-founders of the History Hit website (Dan Snow and James Carson), whose business is based on user subscriptions, tell us how to use “content loops” to increase paid registrations.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Lucy Alice Dodds

What the hell is a content strategy, anyway?

Senior SEO consultant at Evolved Search, Lucy Alice Dodds is passionate about content marketing and explains in this talk how to create a successful content strategy and learn how to measure its performance.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Azeem Ahmad

Why you/your business should be podcasting

As an expert in the medium (Azeen Ahmad‘s podcast, Azeem Digital Asks, has loyal listeners in more than 50 countries around the world), the marketing specialist explains the advantages of this new form of communication for professionals and companies.

Molly Gould

Building emotion into SEO copy

A specialist in SEO content generation and copywriting, in this talk Molly Gould explains why both disciplines are not incompatible.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Olivia Smith

Five ways to kick the creative rut and come up with ideas that earn hundreds of links

As a director of the agency Digitaloft, Olivia Smith knows that link building is one of the basic actions of any SEO strategy, so she provides ideas to get lots of new links effortlessly.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Stephen Kenwright

How to get your search, brand, PR and social efforts to work together

Based on real case studies, Stephen Kenwright, from Rise at Seven, explains how to unify SEO efforts with brand strategy, public relations and social media to improve project results.

Jennifer Macdonald

How awareness days are the key to link building

From Grandparents’ Day to the Lost Socks Memorial, there are awareness days for everything… Learn from Jennifer Macdonald‘s talk how to use them to your advantage to get new links for your project.

James Brockbank

Brand mentions vs links: making earned PR coverage work harder for SEO

It’s becoming increasingly common for journalists to make a brand mention, but not include a link to the brand’s website. Is there a way to get more people to link to us? James Brockbank of Digitaloft shares his findings in this talk.

Rebekah Dunne

The one about content marketing

Rebekah Dunne, Sweet Digital’s content specialist tells us in her speech how the content department must interrelate with the rest of the departments to improve the results of the project.

Liz Gration

A practical guide to content that generates its own links

Liz Gration, senior content marketing executive at MacNaught Digital explains, in a practical way, how to generate content that is capable of getting links to the web on its own.

Helene Klaustrup

Putting the Fun in Funnel: old-skool marketing theory to supercharge your content strategy

In this presentation Helene Klaustrup explains, through concrete examples, how to generate the most appropriate content for each of the phases of the conversion funnel.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Andi Jarvis

How to write a strategy for your clients

Do you know how to write and present a strategy so that your clients understand the importance of it? Find out all about it with a presentation by Eximo Marketing’s Director of Strategy, Andi Jarvis.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Faye Thomassen

Search campaign ROI: 5 pitfalls every marketer should avoid

Mediahawk’s Marketing Director, Faye Thomassen, explains how to optimize search campaigns for more leads and quality sales.

Nandita Patkar

Forget cookies. There are other ways to sweeten the deal

In this case study-focused presentation, Nandita Patkar will show you how to combine data-driven marketing with respect for user privacy and the imminent demise of third-party cookies.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Rebecca Berbel

Fast-forward and rewind: using projections in SEO

OnCrawl’s product marketing manager, Rebecca Berbel, explains how to make and interpret SEO predictions using machine learning.

Beth Nunnington

Forget everything you thought you knew about relevancy in digital PR

Journey Fouther’s PR Manager, Beth Nunnington, talks to us about brand relevance and how to use it to drive the success of an SEO strategy.

Hana Bednarova

Research and where to find data for your outreach campaign-on budget

The founder of the PR agency Shout Bravo, Hana Bednarova, explains, through examples and case studies, how and where to find data for our campaigns without going over budget.

Izabela Wisniewska

Building vs earning links-What’s the difference?

Izabela Wisniewska, director and head of marketing at Creatos Media, explains how to generate content that earns links on its own.

Toby Neilson

How can narrative theory help us be better SEOs?

Senior SEO consultant Toby Neilson explains how to use the principles of narrative theory and classic storytelling to improve communication with each other, our clients and our users.

Amir Jirbandey

Why you should stop trying to ‘hack’ growth

SEO expert and startup growth and marketing leader Amir Jirbandey explains in his talk how to implement a scalable growth strategy, analyzing the positive and negative parts of growth hacking.

Luci Wood

Why UX needs to be a string in your SEO bow

As SEO Director at Blue Array, Luci Wood explains the importance of user experience to improve the results of SEO strategies.

Patrick Langridge

10 mistakes in 10 years of SEO

Patrick Langride, SEO Director at Screaming Frog reflects on the top mistakes he’s made over the last 10 years of his career and what he’s learned from each of them.

Martin Hayman

The quickest win in SEO-how to do internal linking the right way

The co-founder of Twylu, Martin Hayman, a tool that facilitates the internal linking of the web, as well as founder of Wild Sprout, explains the best way to boost SEO through a correct internal linking of the web.

Faye Watt

An SEO’s guide to website migrations

Facing a migration is always a complex and delicate moment. With this guide, Seeker Digital’s SEO manager, Faye Watt, tells us how to carry out migrations in the best possible way.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Helene Jelenc

Using anthropological research methods in SEO

Did you know that anthropology can help you improve your SEO strategy? Helene Jelenc, Head of SEO and Research at Wallflower Studios, tells us how in this talk.

Chloe Maughan

Research basics

Discover the basics of SEO and digital marketing from SEO and digital marketing specialist Chloe Maughan.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Steph Fabb

Make your data work harder so you don’t have to

Putting data at the heart of every decision you make when executing a strategy will ensure you succeed and meet customer needs. Steph Fabb of iCrossing shows you how.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Sophie Gibson

Why the F*$% doesn’t this HREFLANG work

Technical SEO at Rise at Seven, Sophie Gibson explains the common problems in the implementation of the Hreflang tag through real cases and the solutions that were taken at each moment.

Dave Cousin

The mother of all updates-what Google’s MUM update will mean for multilingual websites and international marketing

Google’s latest major update, MUM, is a huge opportunity for all companies operating in the international market or thinking of expanding their borders, but it will force a change in the way we do SEO. Dave Cousin delves into this complex topic.

Lidia Infante

How to do keyword research in a language you don’t speak

Doing keyword research in a language you don’t master as part of an international strategy is a big challenge, which Lidia Infante, International SEO Manager at Rise at Seven reveals in this talk.

Stephen McAllister

How understanding personas will unlock your target audience

Absolute Digital’s PPC manager, Stephen McAllister explains how to study people’s behaviour in order to establish the most appropriate target audience for our business.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Sarah McDowell

How to be more inclusive for the LGBTQ+ community

Moving towards greater and greater inclusivity across all sectors of society is relevant to every field, including digital marketing. Sarah McDowell, SEO content specialist at Holland & Barret, explains how to achieve this.

Tasha A-Antwi

Integrating audience insights into your SEO approach for fashion and beauty brands

Reprise Digital’s SEO Account Manager, Tasha A-Antwi, explains the importance of knowing more and more about your audience in order to design a good SEO strategy for the fashion and beauty industry.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Emma Djemil

The not good enough fallacy

Professional coach at Be Unstoppable, Emma Djemil explains some psychological tricks to fight against the impostor syndrome, so widespread in this profession.

Lou Chiu

Making sense of Allyship

Culture and relationship coach and consultant, Lou Chiu explains how to deal with the fear of doing or saying something politically incorrect through concrete experiences and examples.

Dhriti Shashikanth

How managers can help junior SEOs

Through her own experiences and expertise in the field, Dhriti Shashikanth will explain how experienced professionals can help and engage newcomers.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Gerry White

Single page apps-how these can be crawable

Gerry White, SEO Director at Rise at Seven and co-founder of TakeItOffline talks about how to increase webapps crawlability in this talk.

Dan Smullen

Why we’ve de-commisioned AMP

Dan Smullen outlined why he believes AMP is no longer a prerequisite for appearing in Google’s carousel of top stories, which means changes to the optimization of pages that aim to stay there.

Rejoice Ojiaku

SEO in ASO: what are the guidelines ?

Discover in this presentation by Rejoice Ojiaku everything you need to know about ASO or App Store Optimisation, the optimisation of mobile apps.

Steven Wilson-Beales

How to inspire content and dev teams to get the results in search you need

This talk by Steven Wilson-Biles is an interesting summary of practical tips for content and development teams to work in alignment with the needs of a project’s SEO strategy and achieve the best results.

Elisha Dignam

The 3 things your clients wish you knew

Elisha Dignam shows how to reverse the trend of shorter and shorter relationships between agencies and clients – to build long-term relationships that help increase your profits.

Ryan Law

How to turn wild opinions into traffic, backlinks, and social proof

Animalz agency marketing director Ryan Law explains how to build credibility and brand awareness through customer reviews, regardless of whether they are good or bad.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Kirsty Finlayson

Creating a content flywheel for SEO success

Chameleon’s marketing manager, Kirsty Finlayson, explains everything you need to know about creating web content: how to get link building opportunities, how to create evergreen content through seminars and books, how to increase leads effortlessly…

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Eva Cheng

The pivot game: What to do if someone launches the same campaign as you!

Digital PR consultant at Evolved Search, Eva Cheng explains in this talk how to act if, with everything prepared, someone launches a campaign the same or similar to ours.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Tom Capper

Core web vitals: loopholes, flaws, & endless delays

Although they seemed like a revolution in the way of understanding the user experience, for Tom Capper the Core Web Vitals have been nothing more than a bluff by Google and have never been properly implemented.

Deri Jones

Google has made customer experience harder with CWV. Lessons learnt from benchmarking 50 leading UK retailers

ThinkTribe CEO Deri Jones discusses what has been learned by applying the Core Web Vitals principles to 50 market-leading UK retailers.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Sandy Lee

Data science principles for SEO testing

Purplex Marketing’s head of data, Sandy Lee, explains how to apply data science to SEO processes, strategies and testing.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Tom Wells

The state of online performance – Q3 2021-Using data to benchmark and improve your website

The Searchmetrics creative marketing expert, Tom Wells, explains in this talk how to analyze the causes of poor performance of a website, whether or not we can attribute them to the choice of CMS, if the plugins installed improve or worsen the performance of the web, etc..

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Tom Mansell

5 steps to executing a successful digital PR campaign

Tom Mansell, Digital Director at Croud Marketing, shows how to ensure your next digital PR campaign will be a success, considering the importance of choosing the right teams, highlighting the importance of creativity and providing tips on how to get the campaign out there.

Hanna Downs

Achieve optimal indexing of your ecommerce filters

Merchstacks co-founder Hanna Downs talks about her 10+ years of experience indexing dynamic ecommerce pages.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Gerald Murphy

The game of search across Amazon, Google and YouTube

In this talk by Gerald Murphy, you will learn how to analyze keywords in search engines on Google, Amazon and Youtube, based on different metrics, to ensure the success of your strategies on each of the platforms.

Danny McMillan

Seller support hacks that all amazon sellers need to know!

As a podcaster for Seller Sessions, a leading podcast aimed at Amazon sellers, Danny McMillan talks to us about the tricks that all sellers on the platform should know.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Dan Brooks

How to plan a large ecommerce site migration

If any migration is a challenge, facing a large ecommerce migration can become a problem… Dan Brooks offers us some interesting tips.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Nicolas Huber

Untapped gold: a new way of looking at your product data

Nicolas Huber shows us how interpreting our project data can help us to improve profitability, aligning value metrics, automating strategies and breaking possible silos.

Ryan Jones

How in-house SEO professionals can supercharge their careers

Ryan Jones unveils the tricks to remove the main barriers that SEOs working in-house in companies can encounter when it comes to making a career within their own organization.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Mark Osborne

Clucking good in-house SEO product management

Mark Osborne tells us how to get SEO proposals heard and implemented within the organization you work for.

Andy Davies

The challenges of working in-house for a brand… and how to overcome them

Cartridge People’s Head of Content, Andy Davies, explains how to work in-house for a brand, advantages, disadvantages and how to deal with the day-to-day challenges.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Jack Nottidge

Understanding user journeys and search intent: why search experience is more than just core web vitals

In this talk by Jack Nottidge, you’ll learn that, in addition to the Core Web Vitals, there are other important aspects of qualifying the user experience that will help you understand why people search the way they do.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Kenda Macdonald

How cognitive bias is ruining your conversions

The founder of Automation Ninjas, Kenda Macdonald, explains how to prevent our brain’s cognitive biases from negatively interfering with our online marketing strategies.

Rory Hope

Audience intelligence & SEO: how to integrate data sources to develop SEO personas

In this talk by Rory Hope, you’ll learn how to use Google Analytics data, your CRM and social listening tools to improve the focus of your SEO, content marketing and PR strategy.

Dateme Tubotamuno

Using causal inference to better understand search intent

Dateme Tubotamuno, shows why understanding user intent is key during the keyword research and performance analysis phases of the strategy, always keeping in mind that it goes beyond the traditional classification of transactional, informational and navigational.

Chris Byrne

Voice search: some insights and trends from Google Trends / Keyword Planner

Learn how to use Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner to include voice search in your content marketing strategies with Chris Byrne.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Oli Hearsum

Reactive SEO: the untapped potential with new terms

Oli Hearsum shares useful resources to get ahead of your competitors by leveraging the potential of new search terms.

Luke Carthy

How to grow organic traffic AND boost conversion with faceted nav SEO

Learn how to maximize your project’s traffic and conversions by leveraging the features of faceted SEO navigation with Luke Carthy.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Emma Thompson

How to optimise JavaScript… without learning JavaScript

Optimizing JavaScript without learning to touch the code may seem impossible, but it’s not… Learn how to improve your website’s performance in this talk by Emma Thompson, and make a note of the glossary of specific terms to help you understand your developers.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Hannah Rainey

Why your organic click-through-rate is low

Roast’s SEO Account Manager, Hannah Rainey, explains how to find out why your CTR or organic click-through rate is lower than normal and how to fix it.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Ulrika Viberg

Wine, kittens and other dangerous fruits-Using search intent to understand your customers demand

Discover with Ulrika Viberg, how the customer journey and search intent can work together to help you understand what your target users and customers demand from your project.

Clarissa Filius

How to optimize SEO landing pages for search intent

Booming’s senior SEO specialist Clarrisa Filius explains how to optimize landing pages to take advantage of incoming traffic and convert it into effective customers.

Kelly Johnstone

Why you need to shift to a customer first content/SEO strategy

Find out from Kelly Johnstone the benefits of moving away from a business-centric strategy to one that focuses on the customer.

Stacey MacNaught

Inbound PR: more links, less COLD outreach please

Stacey MacNaught shows that, although it is increasingly difficult to generate content that will get us links from the media, there are strategies to get journalists interested in them and to get more links.

Freya Jones

Instagram SEO tactics to be seen

Freya Jones, founder of Digital Ad Doctor, shows that SEO strategies are not just for your website: the right tactics on Instagram can significantly increase your visibility on this social network.

Kineta Kelsall

Lead generation on Linkedin

Discover with Kineta Kelsall, strategic best practices to help you attract audience attention, get higher quality leads and set your business up for long-term success on LinkedIn.

Itamar Blauer

Advanced YouTube SEO tricks

SEO specialist Itamar Blauer explains some of the lesser known SEO tricks to increase the visibility of our profile on Youtube.

Sophie Brannon

A technical solution to content duplication

Duplicity of content is a problem that can strongly affect the positioning of a website, even causing penalties. In this talk by Sophie Brannon, we will learn what types of duplicity exist and how to fight each of them effectively.

David Lewis

You deleted how many pages? 130M! And here’s why

Through his years of experience in the Black Widow project, David Lewis, a technical SEO specialist, tells us how and why 130 million pages were removed and the consequences it had on the website.

Steven van Vessum

SEO quality assurance: just how needed is it? 1,300 SEOs respond

As in any other discipline, controlling the level of quality is key to increase the performance of the project, but… what are the quality controls that can be imposed on an SEO strategy? Steven van Vessum, Content King’s Director of Content, tells us.

Dixon Jones

Entity SEO

Learn with this talk by Dixon Jones the consequences for SEO of the paradigm shift from giving importance to word strings to thematic entities and how it can affect your daily work.

Natalie Arney

The underrated powers of internal linking

Internal linking can add great value to your strategy if it’s done well, but you need to know what problems to look out for, how to spot opportunities and how to demonstrate to clients the importance of this work, among other things you’ll learn in this talk by Natalie Arney.

Joanna Beech

How do you deal with crawl budget?

Although we don’t have definitive proof that it exists, the crawl budget is one of the concepts that SEOs are constantly theorizing about. In this talk by Joanna Beech, we will discover how to optimize it according to the size of the site we are working on.

Shyam Dattani

When to advertise? Search Data – the force behind decision-making not just optimisation

In any project, relying on data is critical to making informed decisions to increase the chances of success, and paid advertising is no exception. Shyam Dattani, Regional Vice President of Search Metrics goes into it.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Alice Logan

Jack of all trades or master of none? The KPIs SEOs should work to

Learn with this talk by Alice Logan, what are the key KPIs that an SEO must know and monitor to ensure the success of your strategy.

Andrea Volpini

SEO Automation using GPT3 and Transformer based language models

As an expert in content marketing, Andrea Volpini proposes in this talk to take advantage of the potential of artificial intelligence to generate new texts automatically.

Sabrina Bandel

Leveraging AI & ML to automate the repetitive tasks

Time optimization and productivity is something that all SEOs around the world love: in this field, artificial intelligence and machine learning still have a lot to offer us in terms of automating repetitive tasks. Sabrina Bandel breaks it down in detail.

Ozan Ketenci

Monitor your page speed at scale with PageSpeed Insights API

Learn how to take full advantage of the PageSpeed Insights API in Google Spreadsheets to monitor the performance KPIs of your projects by page type with Ozan Ketenci, set up email alerts to warn you when something goes wrong, and learn how to automatically dump the data into a Data Studio dashboard.

Sean Butcher

Burnout-how to avoid it working in the new ‘normal’

Burnout was already a problem before the pandemic, but it has been on the rise with the new working conditions. Sean Butcher, Blue Array’s chief people officer, offers tips to help overcome it.

Tom Vaughton

How to develop a winning SEO team: what search marketing can learn from Formula 1

Drawing an analogy between SEO and the work of Formula 1 teams, in this talk we will see how to design and execute a strategy capable of taking our project to success with Tom Vaughton, founder of Varn.

Bethan Vincent

Unlocking potential and growing junior staff sustainably

Discover with Bethan Vincent, the most common mistakes you can make when incorporating inexperienced staff to your project, and how to avoid them, as well as the countless advantages they can bring you.

Steve Morgan

Going solo-the survival guide for freelance SEOs (present & future)

The freelance SEO life can be wonderful or it can turn into a nightmare. Steve Morgan, who has been freelancing since 2013, gives us the best tips on how to take the leap at the right time, prepare for the hard road, how to handle the business aspects and create new support networks, among others.

Aaron Rudman-Hawkins

From freelancer to MD, how to build a digital marketing agency-An honest journey

With this inspirational talk you will discover Aaron Rudman-Hawkins‘ journey from when he started his career as a freelance consultant to his current occupation, director of The Evergreen Agency.

Alex Jones

How to engage and grow talent in high-performing digital teams

Managing people in a company, especially when it comes to digital teams that often work offshore, is a challenge for people managers. In this talk you will discover tips and techniques from Alex Jones to help leaders involve and engage their team members in the project.

David Whatley

Proof that Google My Business posts drive engagement and sales

Learn how to manage your Google My Business account with David Whatley to increase engagement with your target audience and, with it, sales for your business.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Levi Williams-Clucas

Why local SEO isn’t just for small, local businesses

We tend to think that local SEO is only appropriate for small, local businesses, but is that always the case? Levi Williams-Clucas reveals.

Riaz Kanani

Sales optimisation: Getting one step ahead of the competition

The founder of Radiate B2B, Riaz Kanani, explains in this talk how to get ahead of the competition by optimizing your business’ sales KPIs.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Jon May

Send better emails: Making the most of your email marketing

Leverage your resources correctly: learn how to send better emails, getting better results for the same effort with Jon May.

Ryan Welmans

Three technologies ready to transform B2B outreach

With this presentation by Ryan Welmans, CEO of Sopro, you will learn how to improve sales performance, reducing the associated costs and taking advantage of data to offer each visitor personalized content based on their tastes and interests.

Joe Williams

5 Steps to 100% Google PageSpeed Success

Find out how to go from a 37% PageSpeed mobile score to a 100% score with Joe Williams.

Lee Foot

How to use your products to subcategorise your website with Python

Find opportunities to create new ecommerce categories by grouping products you already have in stock with Lee Foot.

Reza Moaiandin

Modern movement to static and dynamic site generators, basics of Headless, Gatsby, Contentful, Contentstack and more for SEOs

Learn about modern, dynamically generated and static websites, as well as everything you need to consider if you want to migrate to one of these sites and the platforms you should consider with Reza Moaiandin, co-founder of Salt.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Mike Osolinski

Developing stronger technical skills

Learn how to develop your technical skills to increase the success of your SEO strategies with Mike Osolinski.

Liton Ali

Let’s stop the upcoming soft-skills shortage

Liton Ali shows how to find the balance between softs skills and hard skills, that is, to enhance the skills considered “soft”, such as organization, persuasion, security or creativity, is necessary in times when teleworking is more present than ever.

Anthony Sharot

Insights from a year leading Enterprise SEO

From his own personal experience, Anthony Sharot, SEO Director at Pierian, explains what it’s like to lead the SEO department of a large company.

Jane Hunt

Work smarter not harder: How to create an opportunity-first approach to digital PR for more consistent results

Leverage your brand’s PR to build links at scale, from a flexible, blended approach with Jane Hunt.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Ranjeet Singh Kaile

The changing role of digital in public health communications

Discover the role of digital in health communications and the prospects for change as the world emerges from the global pandemic with Ranjeet Singh Kaile.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Hanna Downs

Achieve optimal indexing of your ecommerce filters

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Hanna Dows, co-founder of Merchstack Inc, explains in this talk her strategy for indexing dynamic ecommerce pages without going overboard.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Rashed Khan

Pay for conversions and not clicks with a pay for conversions Display campaign

Find out with Rashed Khan, the differences between a pay-per-click campaign and a pay-per-conversion campaign, as well as what to expect when running a pay-per-click campaign.

Heather Horton

Gluten free-paid advertising after cookies

In a world with fewer and fewer cookies, the right permissions policy and server-to-server integrations are the best way to control and manage our advertising efforts. Find out more from Heather Horton.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Eb Adeyeri

Privacy in advertising: What questions that the C-Suite should be asking (and how we’re addressing them)

The privacy debate has been changing steadily over the past few years and is expected to continue to change over the next few years. Companies need to think about where their privacy policies are headed. Take a deeper dive into the world of privacy in advertising with Eb Adeyeri.

Benu Aggarwal

Entity Search 2.0

Milestone Inc. founder Benu Aggarwal, with a proven track record in digital marketing, voice search and SEO strategies, explains in this talk how to approach entity search in a 2.0 environment.

*To be published on slideshare with the presentation

Dimitris Drakatos

Publishing velocity + SEO

Learn how a solid content plan, based on keyword research, correct keyword grouping and a list of resources that allow for agile publishing can get you up to 1,000,000 organic traffic in a 7 month period with Dimitris Drakatos.

But wait… it doesn’t end here! As you know, we presented the new SEOcrawl design during BrightonSEO and that’s why we organized a contest with €2,000 worth of prizes.

SEO game

There’s still time, so hurry!

PS: If you see any bugs, something you’d like to improve, have located a submission we don’t have yet or any other suggestions, feel free to send them in the comments or to info@seocrawl.com please and we’ll add them right away.

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