SEO Software for Professionals and Companies

SEO Software for
professionales and companies

Save time and costs, improve your results and achieve
efficiency thanks to our SEO Software, a suite of SEO toolsto take your SEO management to another level.

Save time and costs, improve your results and achieve efficiency thanks to our SEO Software, a set of SEO tools to take your SEO management to another level.

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Our SEO Tools

Analyze your growth with the most powerful SEO Dashboard

Control the SEO growth of all your projects in a simple, intuitive and above all, very fast way. Measure the main metrics (MoM, YoY) and act at critical moments.

Automate your SEO Reporting

Stop wasting time spending hours and days preparing SEO reports manually. Automate your SEO reporting with all
the metrics you need and achieve efficiency with our automatic SEO reports.

Analyze the detailed SEO Performance of your pages

Delve into the performance of your pages and keywords (changes in traffic, evolution of visibility, absolute, relative traffic …). Stop guessing and base your strategy on 100% real data.

Discover your SEO Visibility and Google Updates impact

Get ahead of Google’s SEO penalties and detect changes in visibility (number of positioned keywords, number of impressions, total traffic …). Planning will be the key to your success.

Monitor your keywords and pages with our Unlimited Rank Tracker

Forget about the 1,000 search console row limit or paying per monitored keyword. Control each and every one of your keywords in detail and in an unlimited way, work with the heat map, label your keywords by clusters, apply filters to see opportunities … The possibilities are unlimited!

Monitor and control the Index Status of all your pages

Forget about having to manually review sitemaps for possible errors. Control the indexing status of your project automatically and manage the sending of sitemaps to Search Console from SEOcrawl. Faster, easier and more visual!

Collaborate with your Team in Real Time with our Task Manager

Tired of seeing how the SEO improvements that you have proposed are not implemented? Discover the new SEOcrawl collaboration system, with which you will be able to work in real time, view tasks by priorities, see different work views (list, Kanban …) and thus make sure that nothing is forgotten and you get everything is implemented.

Clients feedback

Alberto Fernández
Alberto Fernández
Ingeniero SEO (CEO)
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SEOcrawl has seemed like a simple and effective way to give shape and meaning to so much data that we see in Google Search Console. A twist on information to turn data into useful information.
Esteve Castells
Esteve Castells
Global SEO Manager (Adevinta)
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SEOcrawl helps you get the most out of your Google Search Console data: better visualization, higher data retention and no limit of 1000 rows. A very interesting tool if you want to delve into your data as much as possible.
Juan González Villa
Juan González Villa
Head of SEO y Founder (USEO)
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SEOcrawl is an interactive dashboard with which almost anyone can take advantage of the data in Search Console. If you have many projects or are looking for simplicity and speed of analysis, I recommend trying it.
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Start analyzing the SEO performance of your projects in a much more productive way with SEOcrawl. Whether you have your own projects, work in-house, are freelance or manage an SEO agency, this SEO Dashboard will save you thousands of hours of analysis and will allow you to have a more detailed and efficient reporting.

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